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Family Tree Maker reports are a good way to put genealogy infornation on the web. A different method is used at the Wack genealogy site. This method is Gedpage Version 2.00

In addition, there is a lot of interesting information at the Wack genealogy site. A file, GENDEX.TXT, is found at The following last names are related by direct reference in GENDEX.TXT to Avon, Ohio:

Kihm (Kiehm), Biermacher, Kinzel, Krauss, and Zahm.

Other long-time Avon names found in GENDEX.TXT without a direct reference to Avon, Ohio, are:

Ackerman, Alt (Alten?), Bauer, Burkhardt, Caspar (Kasper) (Casper?), Conrad, Fischer, Forthofer, Gerhardt, Haag, Keller, Kempf, Klein, Krebs, Maurer, Moon, Nagel, Schmidt (Schmitt) (Smith), Schneider, Schwartz, Urig, Weber, and Wilhelm.

A small sample of the system found at the Wack site, using some Biermacher files as an example, is shown here.

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