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LETTER TO THE EDITOR of THE PRESS, 3-3-99, by George O. Bliss

Avon residents need to address three issues. For one ... people who voted on the 80 acre Avon Commons C-3 issue were pretty much united in hoping to stop Stark/ Jacobs 800 acre development, regardless of how they voted on the C-3 zoning issue.

To Mr. Gerald Phillips:

You say it is possible to defeat C-3 for Avon Commons and also keep Stark/Jacobs out?

How can you assure us of this when you (and I'm sure with the help of Stark/Jacobs) were able to get Judge [Thomas] Janas to go against the testimony of our ... Planning Commission?

The Planning Commission testified that the zoning has been on the books and the maps for years and always was intended for C-2 or C-3. Can you give us definite assurance that without C-3 on the 80 acres Stark/Jacobs will not be able to go before the court charging that Avon does not have enough C-3 zoning? ...

We can live with 80 acres, particularly the way Mr. Schneider is planning to help us with traffic, setbacks, etc. But 800 acres would destroy the east end of Avon, if not the whole city! ...

My second concern is the "free" interchange at Nagel and I-90 (Wednesday's news says that now Stark/Jacobs only wants to pay for half of it) ... We need to get messages to all our councilmen, Mayor, and especially the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency to prevent any interchange from being built at Nagel and I-90.

Avon would have to create another Crocker Road up Nagel to the Ridgeville line. North Ridgeville would then have to continue it all the way to Lorain Road to access I-480 and the Turmpike.

The third point is that we should do all we can to get Chester Road ... continued through Bradley Road all the way to Clemens. This way the industries and others can access I-90 at both Crocker and Rt. 83, without having to backtrack. We have industrial zoning north of Chester Rd. that is already helping homeowners keep their taxes down.

FOWL Newsletter, 6-99, Article by Kathy Herbst


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