Thomas L. Jelepis wants Stark/Jacobs interchange at Nagle Road in Avon

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NEWS ARTICLE from THE PLAIN DEALER, 4-8-99, By Rich Exner

" ... Bay Village Mayor Tom Jelepis said this week his city and Westlake are paying the price of congested roads for the recent growth in Avon and Avon Lake, where 1,500 houses have been built in the last five years. ...

Jelepis, though he said he has no plans to lobby Avon officials, said Bay Village suffers increased traffic, wear and tear on the roads and safety problems.

"The problem is not going to ease up, from Bay Village's standpoint, without an interchange," Jelepis said. ..."

"Congested roads" at Crocker Rd. and I-90 is a clever addition to the "traffic nightmare" deception which Stark/Jacobs used so effectively against Avon Commons is the fall of 1998.

Avon Commons would relieve congestion at Crocker and I-90 because the people of Avon would not have to drive on I-90 or Detroit Rd. to go shopping at the Promenade in Westlake.

To argue that a Stark/Jacobs interchange at Nagle Rd. would somehow relieve traffic congestion in Bay Village is a most brazen deception. What do Stark and Jacobs want their interchange for? They want it to serve hundreds of acres of commercial development. Traffic from residences in Bay Village will reach this commercial area by driving on Bradley Rd., Walker Rd., Chester Rd., and Nagel Rd.

Stark/Jacobs forces can be expected to work every angle of the "traffic nightmare" deception. See the following from a


"AVON -- ... Henneberry said a new interchange is needed to unlock the industrial land north of I-90 for development. It would, he said, also improve traffic flow in the entire city -- especially surrounding the SR-83 interchange. ...

City Council members, however, remain unconvinced.

Graczyk said the city has spent millions building sewers and roads to service the industrial area. [The industrial area was not developed in the past because there were no sewers.] ..."

Thomas Henneberry, an executive vice president with The Jacobs Group, should prove that Avon's master plan can not be implemented without an interchange at Nagel Rd. The fact is that if the 222 acres purchased (3-99) by Stark/Jacobs is used industrially, as it is zoned, no interchange at Nagel Rd. is necessary.

Henneberry' assertion that an interchange at Nagel Road would improve traffic flow at SR-83 and I-90 is especially deceptive. Even at the current level (1999) of residential development in Avon, traffic flow at SR-83 and I-90 is "F". Many cars are exiting I-90 to travel south on SR-83 to North Ridgeville. Is Henneberry proposing to send cars from the Stark/Jacobs interchange south on Nagel Rd. to homes in Avon and North Ridgeville?

What is needed at SR-83 and I-90 are coordinated traffic signals and turning lanes. Avon Commons would provide these improvements.

The biography of Thomas L. Jelepis is interesting reading:

"The following bios will summarize each member of the CRESCO team. ...

Tom entered the real estate business in 1988 as a sales associate with the R. J. Wohl Company. In 1991, Tom formed Midland Commercial, Inc., a full-service real estate brokerage firm specializing in office leasing, tenant representation, and the sale and leasing of free-standing industrial buildings. He has represented major firms such as GE Capital, Morse Diesel International, Midland Standard, Warwick Communications and Reserve Networks.

Tom became involved in local politics in 1991 when he successfully ran for City Council in Bay Village, Ohio. In 1993, Tom was elected mayor for a four-year term and joined CRESCO during this initial term. In 1997, Tom ran unopposed for an additional four-year term while continuing his involvement as an active real estate practitioner.

Tom is on numerous boards and commissions including: Bay Village Planning Commission, Board of Directors for United Way, Chairman of Westshore Council of Governments, Legislative and Executive Committees for the Mayors and Managers Association, External Work Committee for New Stadium, Columbia-St. Johns Westshore Hospital Community Relations Board, and Chairman of Northeast Ohio Railroad Steering Committee. ...

Our team is comprised of real estate professionals with diverse backgrounds who are extremely experienced and share a history of over-achievement. CRESCO is the Cleveland affiliate to The Hart Group, a highly respected brokerage organization servicing both national and international markets. In addition to The Hart Group, we actively solicit the assistance of our associates in the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR). The SIOR designation is held by only the most skilled, ethical and respected commercial real estate practitioners. ... "

For Further Information:

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