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"AVON -- City Council last night decided not to support a study for a new I-90 interchange -- a move that, at least temporarily, closes the door on the 500-acre complex proposed by developers Richard Jacobs and Robert Stark.

... in order to proceed with the interchange -- the key to the entire project -- the developers need to have a regional traffic study done by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA). And that regional planning board needs a nod from Avon before beginning the study. ...

Henneberry said a new interchange is needed to unlock the industrial land north of I-90 for development. It would, he said, also improve traffic flow in the entire city -- especially surrounding the SR-83 interchange. ...

Graczyk said the city has spent millions building sewers and roads to service the industrial area. [Land in Avon's industrial area remained undeveloped for years because of lack of sewers, not because there was no interchange at I-90 and Nagel Rd.]

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 3-17-99, By JoAnne Easterday

"Stark/Jacobs group seeks input from Avon

... Commissioner Paul Burik said [3-10-99] ... "It is contrary to the master plan" ... "it will promote urban sprawl." ...

NEWS ARTICLE from THE PLAIN DEALER, 3-18-98, By Rich Exner

"Avon Commons developer not taking competitor lightly

AVON - ... a letter that First Interstate President Mitchel Schneider sent this week [3-15-99] to City Council ... said there was not enough retail demand for both his and the Jacobs/Stark proposal ..." [Note Robert Stark's remark that there will only be one shopping center in Avon.]


"Avon Lake official rips Vista project

AVON -- The 500-acre ''Vista'' project proposed by developers Richard Jacobs and Robert Stark was denounced by the chairman of Avon Lake's planning board as a threat to Avon and Avon Lake.

''With the proposed project would come a diminution in the quality of life in our two cities,'' stated Avon Lake Planning Commission Chairman Gary Fell in a letter distributed to Avon city officials last night.

Vista project plans include a large shopping center, offices, hotels, homes and parks -- all centered around a new I-90 interchange proposed for Lear-Nagel Road. The retail component of the project would border Avon Lake.

Before the developers can proceed, however, they must have Avon's approval to go forward with a traffic study related to the interchange.

Last month -- at a meeting [3-15-99] attended by several Avon Lake politicians -- Avon City Council told the developers council would not approve the vital traffic study.

In his letter, Fell praised Avon City Council for rejecting the request.

''Congratulations on your decision at recent meetings to not back a traffic study,'' Fell wrote. ''I support your decision and agree with the comments many of you have made.''

Specifically, Fell said traffic is not bad enough at the existing interchanges in Avon and Westlake to warrant an additional interchange.

''Even when it is slow getting through these interchange areas, I am willing to accept the inconveniences as a trade off for slower development of those areas around the interchanges,'' Fell stated.

If the new interchange is put in, Fell said the land around the project will be developed ''rapidly'' and result in major traffic problems for Avon Lake and Avon.

''Lear Road would become like Crocker/Bassett only Lear has schools, churches and houses close to the road,'' Fell wrote. ''As people would try to avoid the area, traffic would greatly increase on roads such as Detroit, Walker, Jaycox, Krebs, Bradley and smaller roads not built to handle such traffic.'' ...

Avon Mayor Jim Smith, who does not support the project, has promised to keep other mayors informed of Avon's plans."



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