Park Square Shopping Center

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Park Square Shopping Center will have 6 buildings as follows:
Retail A 11,000 square feet
Retail B 20,000 square feet
Retail C 20,000 square feet
Retail D 12,600 square feet
Retail E 14,000 square feet
Retail F 9,000 square feet
on a 9.9-acre parcel of land fronting on the north side of Detroit Road just east of SR-83 and just east of the Bennett property. No grocery is currently planned; but, if there were a grocery, it would be a small store such as an Aldi's.

First Interstate has stated that, considering the investment already expended, development is mandatory: "This may not be the optimum situation, but we're no longer dealing with the optimum situation." First Interstate expects to breeak ground in the spring of 1999.

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