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8-31-05 Troops help troops overseas

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 8-31-05, By Julie A. Short

``Troops help troops overseas

AVON -- ... One thing remains constant: we should support the troops that are risking their lives fighting for our freedom.

Girl Scout troops in Avon are doing their part by assembling care packages to send overseas. The troops have a connection overseas in Matthew Toyoda who is an Avon resident serving in the Marines.

"Matthew is the brother of my friend, Avon resident Karyn Pruchnicki," Kara Canterbury said. "My daughter, Kori, is a member of Troop 307. She wanted to do something for him and the members of his troop. So Kori and her fellow Girl Scouts began collecting items for care package."

Kara sent e-mails to the other scout troops in Avon and four have responded they will help.

"I just talked to Matthew from Iraq the other day," Kara said. "He can't say much. They monitor his calls. He did say he's been sick for three weeks."

Toyoda left for Iraq Aug. 8 [2005]. This is his second tour of duty. He works with the light attack helicopter squadron.

"Much of what we have received has been through word of mouth donations," Kara said. "What we need now is help sending the boxes. We can't pay for everything ourselves."

The Girl Scout troops are also in need of more donated items such as tuna, beef jerky, gummy bears, Jolly Ranchers, freezer pops, paper (to write letters), magazines, newspapers, CDs, and DVDs.

"It means a lot to be helping him," Kendra Canterbury, from Troup 685 said. "He shares the items with the other 50 soldiers. We are helping the whole unit. Our family really misses him."

Cleveland radio station WMMS has also donated items for a care package, and Kori hopes other businesses will join the effort. She will also be contacting the schools to see if they wish to become involved. The Girl Scouts also plan to write letters to the soldiers and begin assembling holiday packages for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"It takes about a month for the troops to receive them so we are beginning to get items ready for Halloween," Kara said.

Anyone wishing to donate items for the care packages or assist with the shipping costs can e-mail Kara at klc_email@yahoo.com .''

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