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Ohioans now (12-00) can renew their vehicle registrations over the Internet and by telephone, 1-866-OPLATES .

Ohio drivers Can View unofficial driving record online at the Ohio BMV website.


"Diversity ... is born in preservation."
(Richard Powers, The Gold Bug Variations)


In the spirit of July 4, 1776, make an individual contribution to energy independence: Drive a plug-in hybrid!

See www.iags.org/pih.htm --

www.apple.com/trailers/sony/whokilledtheelectriccar/ --

www.calcars.org/ --

www.pluginamerica.com/ -- Why Hybrid? --

hybrid-car-info4u.com --


Quote from the movie titled "The Formula" starring George C. Scott and Marlin Brando:

Adam Steiffel (Brando) Chairman of Titan Oil says "We're not in the oil business; we're in the oil shortage business!"]


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