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Satellite and Cable TV Channels

Name Schedule Location Satellite - Channel
ABC Network www.abctelevision.com
Arts & Entertainment (A&E) www.AandE.com G5-23
Action Pay Per View www.msbet.com
All News Channel www.allnews.com
AMC (American Movie Classics) www.amctv.com C4(F4)-1 220
America's Health Network www.ahn.com
America's Voice www.americasvoice.com
Animal Planet www.discovery.com
Anti-Aging Network www.antiagenet.com
Asian American Satellite TV www.aatv.com
Automotive Television Network (ATN) www.wildaboutwheels.com
BBC America www.bbcamerica.com
BET (Black Entertainment Television) www.msbet.com G1-154 G5-20
BET on Jazz: The Cable Jazz Channel™ www.msbet.com
Bloomberg Television www.bloomberg.com
B-Movie Channel www.b-moviechannel.com
Booknet www.booknettv.com
Bravo Cable Network www.bravotv.com C4(F4)-7
Cartoon Network www.cartoonnetwork.com
CBS Network www.cbs.com
CSPAN (Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network) www.tocqueville.org
CSPAN2 www.cspan.org (C3)F3-7
c/net: the computer network www.cnet.com
Cable Radio Network www.cableradionetwork.com
ChicagoLand Television News (CLTV) www.cltv.com
Cinemax www.cinemax.com G1-19 G1-124 320 G5-5
Classic Sports Network www.classicsports.com
CMT: Country Music Television www.country.com (C4)F4-24
CNBC www.cnbc.com
CNN (Cable News Network) www.cnn.com G5-22 G5-23
CNNfn the financial network www.cnnfn.com
CNNI (CNN International) www.cnn.com/CNNI
CNNSI (CNN Sports Illustrated) www.cnn.com
Comedy Central www.comcentral.com C3(F3)-21 104
Consumer's Choice www.crninfo.com
CMT: Country Music Network www.country.com
County Television Network SAN DIEGO www.co.san-diego.ca.us/ctn
Courtroom Television Network (Court TV) www.courttv.com
Deep Dish TV www.gc.apc.org/deepdish
Digital Music Express® (DMX®) www.dmxmusic.com
Discovery Channel www.discovery.com C4(F4)-21 182
Discovery Civilization Channel www.discovery.com
Discovery Health Channel www.discovery.com
Discovery Home & Leisure www.discovery.com
Discovery Kids Channel www.discovery.com
Discovery Science Channel www.discovery.com
Discovery Wings Channel www.discovery.com
Disney Channel www.disney.com G5-1
E! Entertainment www.eonline.com
ECOLOGY Communications www.ecology.com
Empire Sports Network www.empiresports.com
Encore/STARZ!! www.encoremedia.com
ESPN ESPNET.SportsZone.com G5-9
ESPN2 ESPNET.SportsZone.com
Ethnic–American Broadcasting Co. L.P. www.eabc.com
Eurocinema www.eurocinema.com
EWTN www.ewtn.com
FiT TV www.fittv.com
FOX Family Channel www.famfun.com G5-11
Fox News Channel www.foxnews.com
FOX Sports Arizona www.foxsports.net
FOX Sports Chicago www.foxsports.com
FOX Sports New England www.foxsports.com
FOX Sports Ohio www.foxsports.com
Fox Sports Southwest www.foxsports.com
FoxNet www.foxnetwork.com
FREE SPEECH TV (FStv) www.freespeech.org
FX Networks www.fxnetworks.com
FXM(FMC) Fox Movie Channel www.fxnetworks.com W3 - 18
Galavisión http: //www.galavision.com
Game Show Network www.sony.com
Great American Country (GAC) www.countrystars.com
GRTV Network www.grtv.com
HBO (Home Box Office) www.hbo.com G1-15 G1-100
Headline News www.cnn.com/HLN
Hip Hop Network www.mnn.org
Home & Garden Television www.hgtv.com
Home Improvement TV Net www.fixitvideos.com
Hot Choice www.ppv.com
HTV www.htv.com
Ingenius www.ingenius.com
International Channel www.i–channel.com
Jones Computer Network (JCN) www.jec.edu
KALEIDOSCOPE www.ktv–i.com
Knowledge TV www.jec.edu
KDVR www.foxnetwork.com
KTLA www.uvtv.com/uvtv/
Lifetime Television (LIFE) www.lifetimetv.com (C4)F4-4
Madison Square Garden Network www.msgnetwork.com
Midwest Sports Channel www.mscsports.com
Moody Broadcasting Network www.moody.edu
MSNBC www.msnbc.com
MTV: Music Television www.mtv.com (C4)F4-17
MuchMusic USA www.muchmusic.com/usa
Music Choice www.musicchoice.com
My Pet TV www.pettv.com
NBC Network www.nbc.com
NASA Television www.nasa.gov/ntv
National & International Singles Television Network net.fcref.org
New England Cable News www.necnews.com
New England Sports Network (NESN) www.nesn.com
News 12 Connecticut www.news12.com
News 12 Long Island www.news12.com
News 12 New Jersey www.news12.com
News 12 Westchester www.news12.com
Newschannel 8 www.newschannel8.net
Nickelodeon www.nick.com (C4)F4-3
NorthWest Cable News www.nwcn.com
Nostalgia Good•tv www.goodtv.com
NTN Network™ www.ntn.com
Prevue Channel www.prevue.com
Prime Time 24 www.primetime24.com
Oasis TV, Inc. www.oasistv.com
Odyssey Channel www.odysseychannel.com C3(F3)-5
Outdoor Life Network www.greatoutdoors.com
OVATION - The Arts Network www.ovationtv.com
OXYGEN oxygen schedule
PASS Sports www.pass.com
PBS www.pbs.org
Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) www.pcntv.com
Planet Central Television www.pctvi.com
Playboy TV www.playboy.com
Premier Horse Network www.horsenet.com/premier
Prevue Channel www.prevuenet.com
Q2 www.qvc.com
QVC www.qvc.com (C4)F4-9
Romance Classics www.amctv.com
Sci Fi Channel www.scifi.com G5-4 122 254
Seminar TV, The Seminar TV Network seminartv.com
Showtime -- as of 11-25-00 -- Turn off images before entering -- RAM and swap are consumed, probably by a bad .jpg showtimeonline.com G0-101 (C4)F4-15
SingleVision www.singlevision.com
Sneak Prevue www.prevuenet.com
Speedvision Network www.speedvision.com
Spice www.cyberspice.com
SportsChannel New York www.sportschannel.com
SportsChannel www.thestadium.com
Sundance Channel www.sundancechannel.com G0-14 C3(F3)-117 318
Sunshine Network www.sunshinenetwork.com
SSN: Satellite Sport News www.foxsportsdirect.com
The California Channel www.calchannel.com
The Enrichment Channel www.enrichment.com
The Filipino Channel www.abs–cbn.com
The Golf Channel www.thegolfchannel.com
The History Channel www.historychannel.com C3(F3)-12 120
The Idea Channel www.ideachannel.com
The Independent Film Channel (IFC) www.ifctv.com G7-14
The Interactive Channel www.sourcemedia.com
The Learning Channel (TLC) www.discovery.com
The Lifetime www.lifetimeTV.com
The Lightspan Partnership, Inc. www.lightspan.com
The Lottery Channel, Inc. www.lotterychannel.com
The Martial Arts Action Network www.tmantv.com
The Military Channel www.themilitarychannel.com
(TMC) The Movie Channel showtimeonline.com
The Outdoor Channel www.outdoorchannel.com
The Recovery Network www.recoverynetwork.com
The Travel Channel www.discovery.com
The Weather Channel www.weather.com (C3)F3-13
TBS: Turner Broadcasting www.tbssuperstation.com
TNN: The Nashville Network www.country.com G5-18
TNT: Turner Network Television www.tnt-tv.com G5-17
Trinity Broadcasting Network www.tbn.org
Turner Classic Movies (TCM) www.tcm.turner.com G1-16 132
TV Land nickatnitestvland.com
TV 5 - La Television Internationale www.tv5.org
Univision www.univision.net
ValueVision www.vvtv.com
VH1 (Music First) www.vh1.com
Viewer's Choice 1–10 www.ppv.com
Wingspan Air And Space Channel www.wingspantv.com
WGN www.wgntv.com
WPIX www.uvtv.com/uvtv/
WSBK paramountstations
Yesterday USA www.otr.uwsp.edu
ZDTV www.zdtv.com

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