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  • 9-26-10: Bye-bye earmarks

    NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 12-16-10, By Brian Faler

    Democrats pull budget bill in face of Republican opposition

    The Senate's top Democrat said he won't try to pass a $1.2 trillion "omnibus" spending bill for the government loaded with thousands of pet projects for lawmakers because Republicans withdrew their support for the measure.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said Thursday night [12-16-10] that lawmakers will instead approve a stopgap funding measure of an as yet undetermined length. A so-called continuing resolution currently funding the government expires Saturday.

    The omnibus measure, which was 1,924 pages long, was introduced this week and would set funding levels for government programs through September 30, 2011, the end of the fiscal year ...''


    [Elimimnating earmarks does not reduce the size of an appropriation, contrary to the spoutings of those with tea bags for brains. Eliminating earmarks gives control of all spending to the executive branch of government with no direct input by Congress.]

    NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 12-14-10, By the Associated Press

    ``WASHINGTON -- ... In the waning days of the lame duck congressional session, Democrats controlling the Senate -- in collaboration with a handful of old school Republicans -- are pushing to wrap more than $1.2 trillion worth of unfinished budget work into a single "omnibus" appropriations bill.

    Their 1,900-plus-page bill comes to the floor this week stuffed with provisions sought by lawmakers. It contains thousands of pet projects, known as earmarks, pushed by Democratic and GOP senators alike -- despite a pledge by Republicans to give up such projects next year ...

    The catchall bill is designed to bankroll the operations of every Cabinet agency for the budget year that started October 1 [2010], as well as $158 billion to pay for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    It also challenges President Barack Obama: One administration-opposed provision would block the Pentagon from transferring Guantanamo Bay prisoners to the United States. Another would provide $450 million for a program to develop a second engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter despite a veto threat by the administration, which says it's a waste of money.

    The architect of the measure, Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, has been working with senior Republicans on the panel -- Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Robert Bennett of Utah and Christopher Bond of Missouri -- to line up the 60 votes needed to repel a filibuster promised by GOP Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina ...

    There's also $4 million sought by Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell for the Kentucky National Guard's marijuana eradication efforts and $8 million sought by GOP Sen. John Thune of South Dakota to help maintain the B-1 bomber fleet in his state. Though their states benefit, both Republicans oppose the bill ...''

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    NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 12-16-10, By Sabrina Eaton, The Plain Dealer

    [Bye-bye earmarks?]

    ``Here is a list of the local earmarks in the omnibus spending bill under consideration by the U.S. Senate:


    $21,050,000 for a Coast Guard Station in Cleveland Harbor -- Sen. George Voinovich


    $2,000,000, Ravenna Training Site, Unit Training Equipment Site Add -- Rep. Tim Ryan, Sen. Sherrod Brown

    $7,300,000, Toledo Express Airport, Replace Security Forces Complex -- Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Sens. Brown and Voinovich


    $500,000, City of Parma for West Ridgewood Drive Septic System Abatement -- Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Sen. Voinovich

    $800,000, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cuyahoga Heights wastewater project -- Kucinich, Brown, Voinovich

    $750,000, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Land Acquisition --Kaptur

    $220,000, Mahoning Valley History Center --Ryan


    $250,000, Bowling Green State University, Monitor Lake Erie Water Quality with Remote Sensing --Kaptur, Brown, Voinovich

    $250,000, City of Cleveland, 800 MHz Radio System --Kucinich, Rep. Marcia Fudge, Brown, Voinovich

    $300,000, Lorain County Sheriff's Law Enforcement Digital Radio Project -- Rep. Betty Sutton

    $400,000, Stark County Council of Governments, Radio Purchasing and Reprogramming Project -- Rep. John Boccieri

    $500,000, Trumbull County, Northeast Ohio Regional Integrated Justice Information System -- Ryan

    $300,000, Cuyahoga County Commissioners, Prisoner Re-entry Program -- Fudge, Kucinich, Sutton, Brown, Voinovich

    $350,000, Ohio Attorney General Computer Crimes Unit -- Brown, Reps. Steve Driehaus and Mary Jo Kilroy

    $500,000, Ohio Attorney General Fugitive Safe Surrender -- Brown, Kucinich, Driehaus

    $400,000, Toledo Police Department Officer Training --Kaptur

    $500,000, Cleveland Botanical Garden Green Corps Urban Youth Program --Kucinich, Fudge, Sutton, Brown

    $500,000, Lourdes College, Sylvania At-Risk Youth Student Success Mentoring Initiative --Kaptur, Brown

    $400,000, Toledo Police Athletic League Youth Center --Kaptur

    $100,000, Youngstown State University Students Motivated by the Arts at the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center --Ryan

    $300,000, YMCA Youngstown, At-Risk Youth Strengthening Initiative ) Ryan, Brown, Voinovich

    $1,000,000, University of Toledo Advanced Photovoltaics Array Testing --Kaptur, Brown, Voinovich


    $125,000 for Case Western Reserve University's Northern Ohio Laboratories, Advanced Instrumentation for Northeast Ohio's Bio-Imaging Cluster -- Fudge, Voinovich, Brown

    $250,000 for the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber's International Business Attraction Program -- Ryan

    $190,000 for the Sensor System Small Business Incubation Center, at Lorain Community College in Elyria -- Kaptur


    $3,654,000, Buildings and Facilities at the U.S. Agriculture Research Service Facility in Toledo -- Kaptur

    $864,000, Income Enhancement Demonstration in Ohio -- Kaptur

    $700,000, Ohio Israel Agriculture Initiative -- Voinovich, Brown

    $500,000, Biofuel and Feedstock Research in Ohio -- Kaptur

    $793,000, Center for Innovative Food Technology in Ohio - Kaptur

    $865,000, Dietary Intervention in Ohio -- Kaptur, Brown, Voinovich

    $152,000, Farmland Preservation in Ohio -- Boccieri, Ryan, Brown

    $1,504,000, Greenhouse Nurseries in Ohio -- Kaptur, Brown

    $500,000, Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia -- Kaptur, Brown, Voinovich

    $450,000, Agriculture Science in Ohio - Boccieri, Kaptur, Brown, Voinovich

    $522,000, Emerald Ash Borer -- Brown

    $404,000, Great Lakes Basin Sediment Control -- Brown, Voinovich

    $667,000, Maumee Watershed Hydrological and Flood Mitigation -- Kaptur

    $3,000,000, the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship Program and the Mickey Leland International Hunger Fellowship Program -- Kaptur (with McGovern)


    $5,900,000, Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, Dispersal Barrier in Illinois -- Kaptur, Voinovich, Brown (Durbin, Levin, Stabenow)

    $956,000, Great Lakes Fishery and Ecosystem Restoration -- Brown (and Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Illinois)

    $500,000, Barberton Environmental Infrastructure -- Sutton

    $1,000,000, Seven Hills Environmental Infrastructure -- Kucinich

    $1,100000, Euclid Environmental Infrastructure -- Voinovich

    $2,000,000, Toledo Environmental Infrastructure --Kaptur

    $250,000, Village of Seville Environmental Infrastructure -- Boccieri

    $216,000, Great Lakes Remedial Action Plan and Sediment Remediation -- Kaptur, Voinovich, Brown (Levin & Stabenow)

    $311,000, Interbasin Control of Great Lakes-Mississippi River Aquatic Nuisance Species -- Kaptur, Voinovich (Lipinski, Levin, Durbin, Stabenow)

    $300,000, Eastern Gateway Community College Wind Turbine Technology Program -- Ryan

    $1,000,000, Northeast Ohio Biomass Program Initiative -- Fudge

    $500,000, Ohio Advanced Energy Manufacturing Center -- Brown

    $1,500,000, Ohio Low Cost Carbon Fiber Initiative -- Brown, Voinovich

    $500,000, Switched Reluctance Motor Technology for Zero Emission Mobility -- Boccieri

    $950,000, Great Lakes Energy Institute -- Fudge, Ryan, Brown, Voinovich

    $1,000,000, University of Toledo Energy and Innovation Infrastructure Pilot Project - Kaptur

    $2,000,000, Nuclear Fabrication Consortium -- Voinovich

    $500,000, Ultra Low CO2 Emission Coal Fuel Cell Technology -- Sutton, Ryan


    $3,000,000, Accelerated Therapies for Healing Battlefield Wounds and Scars -- Ryan (Cornyn & Hutchison)

    $4,000,000, Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron -- Ryan

    $1,600,000, High Rate Polyimide Composites for Military Aircraft -- Brown

    $3,200,000, Center for Military Recruitment, Assessment and Employment -- Kaptur (Patrick Kennedy & Barbara Boxer)

    $10,000,000, John P. Murtha Foundation -- Ryan (Brady, Fattah, Critz, Moran)

    $1,800,000, Camp Perry Staff Training Program -- Kaptur

    $1,200,000, Counter Threat Finance -- Global --Brown (Feinstein)

    $3,200,000, Navy AIT Logistics Modernization Initiative -- Brown

    $4,000,000, Advanced Materials Process for Armament Structures -- Brown

    $2,800,000, Advanced Nanocomposite Integrated Survivability and Force Protection Systems -- Ryan

    $1,600,000, Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center/Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership DoC/DoD Bridge Program -- Boccieri

    $2,750,000, Camp Perry Army National Guard, Base Facility Independence -- Kaptur

    $2,400,000, Combat Mental Health Initiative -- Kaptur

    $2,400,000, Defense Metals Technology Center -- Ryan, Boccieri, Brown

    $800,000, Extreme Temperature, Lightweight, Lithium-Iron Disulfide Batteries -- Brown (Bond, Leahy)

    $3,800,000, Model Based Enterprise Tools for Reverse Engineering -- Ryan

    $4,000,000, Multi-Campus Base Facility Energy Independence Integration -- Kaptur

    $1,200,000, Multi-Function Bone Cements -- Kaptur

    $1,200,000, Multi-Modal Biometric Patient Identification and Registration System -- Ryan

    $4,000,000, Pediatric Center Research and Clinical Trials -- Ryan (Van Hollen, Conyers, Sestak, Sires)

    $2,800,000, Smart Wound Dressing for MRSA-infected Battlefield Wounds -- Voinovich (Kerry, Warner, Webb)

    $800,000, Spider Mortar Base Plate -- Ryan, Brown

    $2,000,000, Stark State College Materials Joining and Welding Center -- Boccieri

    $2,400,000, Titanium Stockpile Pilot Program -- Ryan, Brown

    $3,200,000, Advanced Aerospace Carbon Foam Heat Exchangers -- Voinovich

    $2,400,000, Air Force Minority Leaders Program -- Brown (Alexander, Landrieu)

    $3,200,000, Inter-Base Facility Energy Independence -- Kaptur

    $1,600,000, Mitigating RoHS Lead-Free Issues in Aerospace Circuit Board Manufacturing -- Sutton, Kaptur, Brown, Voinovich

    $1,600,000, Rapid Automated Processing of Advanced Low Observables -- Brown

    $4,000,000, Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels for Military Applications -- Kucinich, Kaptur, Brown

    $2,800,000, Unmanned Aerial System Exploitation -- Voinovich

    $1,200,000, Development of Dendritic Cell Targeted Immunotherapeutics -- Kaptur

    $4,000,000, Military Medical Decontamination System -- Brown, Voinovich

    $2,000,000, National Center for Education Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance -- Sutton, Ryan, Brown

    $3,760,000, Ohio Enhanced Defense Alternate Energy Suppliers Program -- Ryan

    $3,200,000, Paint shield for Protection from Microbial Threats -- Brown, Voinovich

    $2,400,000, Steel Hardening for U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ships -- Ryan


    $500,000, Surface Transportation, City of Canton -- Boccieri, Brown, Voinovich

    $2,500,000 Construction of Multi-Jurisdictional Maintenance Facility, Toledo -- Kaptur

    $500,000, Sieberling Way Bridge Replacement -- Ryan, Brown, Voinovich

    $725,000, Warrensville/Van Aken Transit Oriented Development, Shaker Heights -- Fudge, Brown, Voinovich

    $650,000, Route 82 Reconstruction and Widening, North Royalton -- Sutton, Brown, Voinovich

    $750,000, Greater Cleveland RTA Clifton Boulevard Transit Enhancements, Bus Facilities -- Kucinich

    $550,000, Greater Cleveland Warrensville/Van Aken Multi-Modal Facility, Bus Facilities -- Fudge

    $2,000,000, Reconstruction of the Mayfield Road Rapid Transit Station and Bridge -- Fudge, Brown, Voinovich

    $800,000, Stark Area Buses Regional Transit Authority -- Boccieri

    $1,000,000, Ohio Broadway Street Corridor Enhancement, Toledo -- Kaptur

    $400,000, Demolish, remediate and renovate St. Joseph's Community Center in Lorain -- Sutton, Brown


    $100,000, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, to improve math, science, technology and language skills through music education --Kucinich, Brown, Voinovich

    $150,000, Cleveland Metropolitan School District, for science education programs, including the purchase of equipment --Brown, Voinovich

    $100,000, Cuyahoga County office of Early Childhood/Invest in Children for an early childhood education initiative, including scholarships --Fudge, Brown, Voinovich

    $150,000, Friends of E Prep Schools, Cleveland, for technology including the purchase of equipment -- Kucinich, Voinovich

    $570,000, Trumbull County Educational Service Center for enhancing student opportunities in STEM careers, which may include equipment and technology -- Ryan

    $500,000, University of Akron for supporting academic pathways into higher education, which may include equipment and supplies -- Ryan

    $350,000, Youngstown Symphony Society for the support of arts education targeting at-risk youth -- Ryan, Brown

    $700,000, Cuyahoga Community College, to expand the program in advanced manufacturing, alternatives to auto technology, veterans jobs, and green jobs, which may include the purchase of equipment -- Fudge, Kucinich, Sutton, Ryan, Brown, Voinovich

    $1,000,000, Eastern Gateway Community College, Steubenville, to expand services to economically disadvantaged and first-generation college students, which may include equipment -- Ryan

    $470,000, American School Health Association in Kent to address non-academic barriers to student learning -- Ryan

    $500,000, Children's Hunger Alliance, Columbus, for outreach and education targeted to low-income home-based childcare providers -- Sutton, Ryan, Kilroy, Brown

    $500,000, University of Toledo for providing services to people with autism and developmental disabilities -- Kaptur, Brown

    $500,000, Austen Bioinnovation Institute in Akron for medical research, facilities and equipment -- Sutton, Brown, Voinovich

    $100,000, BioOhio, Columbus for a national vaccine manufacturing and logistics center study -- Kucinich, Kilroy, Brown, Voinovich

    $500,000, Chronic Disease Fund in Plano, TX to expand chronic disease program -- Ryan (with Sen Sam Brownback)

    $100,000, Cleveland State University for facilities and equipment -- Ryan, Brown, Voinovich

    $250,000, Mercy Medical Center in Canton to implement an electronic medical records system -- Boccieri, Ryan, Zack Space, Voinovich

    $400,000, Summa Health System in Akron for facilities and equipment -- Ryan, Brown

    $700,000, UAW Local 1005 General Motors Parma, For medical equipment and construction of a health clinic -- Kucinich

    $200,000, University Hospitals of Cleveland for facilities and equipment -- Sutton, Voinovich

    $900,000, University Hospitals of Wadsworth for facilities and equipment -- Boccieri

    $500,000, Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services for a job training and youth employment program -- Kaptur''

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