Joe Richvalsky

BRAIN GAIN from The Plain Dealer, 9-5-05

``Joseph Richvalsky

Age: 40

Occupation: Senior project designer, ka Architecture, Cleveland

From: Worked 15 years in New York City; born in Avon.

Lives in: A restored 1843 house in Avon.

Best part about Northeast Ohio: Quality of life. "If I want to go and see a Broadway show, it is just a quick and cheap flight away."

Least favorite: Can't get sushi delivered.

What he'd change: "That each person and government official felt it their honor and duty to save historic buildings. These buildings tell the story of our history and are the legacy to leave to our future society."

Why he's here: "The standard of living here is exponentially better than what most young urban professionals have in NYC. A good example is quality housing. The rent for my one- room Manhattan apartment was as much as the mortgage on the house I own now."

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