Carl Gumina

NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 1-9-05, by DAVID SCHRAG, Morning Journal Writer

[Carl Gumina was a long-time resident of Avon. He built many of the homes in Northgate.]

``LORAIN -- Whether living life to its fullest as a developer, a boxing promoter or a friend, the late Carl R. Gumina did it all, and then some.

''He was the most entertaining man I have met in my life,'' said former Lorain Mayor Alex Olejko. ''He was feisty and good-hearted all at the same time.''

Gumina, 80, and former developer of many buildings in Lorain, most notably the Spitzer Plaza Hotel, passed away Friday at Fairview General hospital in Cleveland.

During the '70s and '80s, Gumina built and pursued many pieces of land in Lorain, including the Meridian Plaza, Vine Estates and the Lorain Industrial Park to name a few.

''Back in the '80s, when finances started getting tough in Lorain and nobody would invest in Lorain, Carl was the only guy that would step forward and take the lead,'' according to Lorain City Council President Ken Shawver. ''He was one of the few people that wanted to see the city flourish.''

Gumina worked with his son Frank on a lot of his big projects in Lorain.

When he wasn't building in Lorain, Gumina was an avid boxing fan and promoter and took two of Lorain boxers all the way to the professionals.

Gumina would promote the fighters and get them into matches at Gray's Gym in Cleveland until they were ready for bigger things, Shawver said.

''He was really into it,'' Shawver said.

Gumina also owned Gumina's Gym on the corner of Pearl Avenue and East 29th Street to give future boxing champions the chance to make it in the sport and stay off the streets.

Being a so-called renaissance man, Olejko said, Gumina loved to dance, sing and enjoy life.

Olejko recalled one time that Gumina picked up the bill for a dinner of 600 friends in Lorain.

''All my friends say when I'm around the wind starts,'' Gumina said in a 1970 interview.

Gumina was also a devout Catholic and loved his family.

''I liked him a lot and people will miss him,'' Olejko said ...

Gumina lived in Lorain from 1974 to 2004, when he moved to Rocky River.''


OBITUARY from The Morning Journal, 1-9-05

``Carl R. Gumina, 80, owner of Gumina Construction

ROCKY RIVER -- Carl R. Gumina, 80, died Friday, Jan. 7, 2005, at Fairview General Hospital, Cleveland. He was born July 15, 1924, in Cleveland. He lived in Lorain from 1974 to 2004, moving to Rocky River.

Gumina served as a sergeant in the 3rd Army under Gen. George Patton during World War II.

He was the owner of Gumina Construction in Lorain and was a member of the Italian-American Veterans in Lorain and the Italian-American Brotherhood in Cleveland. He was an avid boxing fan ...

Mass will be held Wednesday at 10 a.m. at Holy Trinity Church, 33601 Detroit Road, Avon. Burial will be at Holy Trinity Cemetery.''

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