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NEWS ARTICLE from The Sun, 3-29-07, By Kim Guffey, Staff Writer

``Woman teaches people to mind their manners

AVON -- A local Miss Manners is teaching the etiquette-challenged to mind their peas and couscous.

Denise Kovatch, of Avon, was inspired to open Professional Presence Etiquette Consultants after more than 20 years in the corporate world left her feeling like the future of business has its elbows on the table. Etiquette consultant Denise Kovatch of Avon gives others the keys to create a professional presence.

"The last few years I spent watching the new hires come in and I started seeing a real lack of proper behavior and manners," Kovatch said.

After leaving her job in the competitive retail field, Kovatch attended the Etiquette Institute of St. Louis and became a certified professional etiquette consultant.

An increase in flimsy manners could be attributed to a variety of sources, she said, including the shrinking number of families who eat together at the dinner table.

"I think it may be a fast-food thing. Kids don't sit down with their families a lot, so when it happens, they don't know what to do," she said.

One of the biggest mealtime faux pas across all generations' "Food goes up to your mouth, you don't go down to your plate," ...''

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``Welcome to Professional Presence!

Statistics prove that businesses improve their bottom line by instilling the nuances of business and social etiquette as well as the people skills necessary for workplace survival and success in their employees and managers. ' Professional Presence' provides seminars in business etiquette and dining tutorials that go beyond basic manners for corporations, colleges, high schools or on an individual basis that stress the importance of proper behavior (etiquette) as a means of outclassing the competition and moving up the corporate ladder. Participants will emerge from these classes having the confidence, self-esteem and skills that blend the standards of traditional etiquette with contemporary manners in both the social and business environment.

Denise Kovatch has 'walked the walk' in the corporate world. Having spent 20+ years in the very competitive business world, first as a buyer in a major department store then as an account executive for various major manufacturers calling on the big name retailers. She has traveled extensively, been entertained and entertained clients in the business environment and knows first hand the importance of 'Professional Presence'.

Denise is a graduate of the Etiquette Institute of St. Louis, an international organization that believes success in today's business world requires more than a diploma or a MBA. She is certified as a professional Etiquette Consultant. She has decided to share her knowledge and skills in this arena to help many avoid the pitfalls of improper behavior and guide students of all ages and rank to a polished, confident image that will help them outclass their competition and rise up the corporate ladder.

'Professional Presence'

Today's competitive business world requires more than a MBA and a shiny BMW. Good people skills and professional presence are essential.

The interpersonal skills that corporate survival and success require are not taught in college or high school. The graduating senior may be academically astute, but still needs to learn how to be successful in the corporate world.

Graduation is a rite of passage, an ending and a beginning, and graduates quickly learn that good manners have their rewards and rudeness its cost.

Denise Kovatch will customize her presentations to focus on the special needs of business school students, college or high school seniors, corporate new hires, entry level and management personnel, MBA students, sororities, fraternities and athletic teams. Topics will focus on the necessary people skills to keep a job and move ahead rather than how to get a job.

Companies don't make deals, people do and quite often it is over a meal or in a social setting. Denise will offer dining tutorials and work with the dining staff so that every detail creates a memorable learning experience.

The goal of 'Professional Presence' is to create a professional image that reflects positively on each student. A young professional with self-esteem and confidence becomes the senior executive with confidence and positive self-image, which is reflected in the company's bottom line.

Proper etiquette applies to everyone in the workplace, regardless of individual job function. The traditional rules of etiquette have changed - business etiquette has become more lenient but not lax. Technology is here to stay; if we abuse it causes rudeness. Women are at every level of corporate America. The guideline is protocol, not gender.

'Club Manners'

Consider this Etiquette 101. These co-ed classes for children and teens will equip the young adult to meet life's opportunities and challenges with confidence. They will learn modern day etiquette, personal style, and people skills as well as proper table manners. They will be exposed to a sit down meal complete with white tablecloths and wait staff service.

Club Manners classes will teach children and teens the social etiquette, table manners and personal style that will inspire self-confidence in life skills.

Individual Presentations

The most effective etiquette program is one that has been customized for the specific client. Denise Kovatch will tailor a program to fit the needs and objectives of her clients, either corporations or individuals.''

Contact Denise Kovatch, Professional Etiquette Consultant at (440)-759-4097




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