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Re-appraisal of commercial property in Avon

[Part of] transcript of proceedings at the Lorain County Board of Revision, Lorain County Administration Building, 226 Middle Avenue, Elyria, Ohio, on September 15, 1999 at 11:00 a.m.

MR. MURRAY: ... I had asked to be able to ask Mr. Birch some questions.

MS. KEYS: Unfortunately, Mr. Birch is out with a death in his family...

MR. MURRAY: ... [was] this appraisal ... done as a result of articles in the newspaper?

MS. KEYS: Joyce [Hockenberger] is here to speak on his [Mr. Birch's] behalf, if you would like to ask her?

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Q:: ... how is that it came about that this appraisal was done?

A:: Okay. I was in on the reappraisal of this; and it came about because of all the developing being done in Avon and being done on the WEST side of 83. So, we got zoning maps from Avon City and looked at ALL THE LAND THAT WAS ZONED COMMERCIAL AND THEN REAPPRAISED IT AS SUCH ...

Q:: ... well, who directs you to reappraise? Does the Auditor do that?

A:: Yes. Yes.

Q:: Do you know whether that came about from the newspaper articles?

A:: It's not my recollection it came from newspaper articles. I mean, the newspaper articles were known about, but with so much other development in that area -- and, basically, we're told to, hey, look at all of this zoning and some of these things that are zoned this and maybe we need to look at those values again.

Q:: That would probably have been called to the Auditor's attention by these newspaper articles?

A:: I don't know.

Q:: When you do a -- what is your procedure when you reappraise property such as the Smith property? I mean, how do you do that? What did you do?

A:: Well, basically what we do is look at the property. We also look at --

Q:: When you say look at the property, do you mean go there?

A:: Physically a lot of times.

Q:: In this particular instance?

A:: In some instances we use our aerial photos.

Q:: So, you don't --

A:: A lot of times Mr. Birch will go out there himself and look at the property and --

Q:: Do you know whether he did that in this case --

A:: I don't know specifically he did. It's my recollection that he -- that he has done that, he has looked at property; because we've talked about that property since.

Q:: You're not sure whether he went out?

A:: I can't swear that he went out, no.

Q:: Is part of your procedure to contact the owner to discuss the -- you know, the parcel, what it may be used for?

A:: No, we pretty much view it and make the decision as to the use of the property, checking the zoning and the use ...

Q:: ... If, in fact, the development of this property ... could not take place in 1998 ..., should that come into play as far as the valuation of the property is concerned? ... Shouldn't [it] make a difference if the property could be used for C-3 or could not be used for C-3 ...?

A:: ... We use sales on other properties, on other similar located type properties under some specifics that were rear parcels and what they sold for, and that's how we come up with the values of these.

Q:: If you evaluated the property on a C-2 zoning and First Interstate could not develop it unless he had C-3, then why should the value go up to the point where it goes up to over $9,000 an acre? [35% of market value] ...

MS. HOCKENBERGER: Okay. I just wanted to make another statement that Mr. Smith's property is not the only property there that was reappraised because of it. There's an adjacent parcel to the west of the 030, it's 032;

   [parcel belonging to Terry Bennett and part
   of the site of the then proposed Avon Commons]
... So, it was just not picking on the Smith property ...

MR. SMITH: ... Here's some commercial property, C-2. Now, this is east of SR 83 on Detroit Road. I'm referring to Parcel 046. It's on the northeast corner of Detroit and Nagle. ... it's east of State Rt. 83. It's on Detroit Road, and it is valued at $1,978 an acre as compared to our $9,400 [per acre].

MR. MURRAY: Do you have the name or parcel number? ...

MR. SMITH: ... It's owned by -- I believe, by Discount Drug Mart. ...

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