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8-18-01 Mow-Gate

10-31-01 Tom Wearsch stays on ballot

11-6-01 2001 General Election results

This question will not go away: Why was land under option to Jacobs in 1998 favored with no increase in real estate tax valuation?

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 8-29-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Graczyk awaits ruling from Board of Elections

AVON -- ... A review hearing will be held tomorrow during their regular meeting to either validate or disallow the petitions that Graczyk turned in before the Aug. 23 filing date ...

Should the signatures be termed as unusable, Graczyk could miss the election. The review hearing is scheduled to take place on Aug. 30 [2001] at 2 p.m. at the Elyria Board of Elections.

... a clerk at the Board of Elections ... noticed the mistakes on two of the petitions and circled them in red ink, prohibiting him from altering the document after he turned them in ...

Complicating the matter further, Jacobcik said that local attorney Gerald W. Phillips has been hired by Graczyk, should the need for a court battle over the petitions occur ...

[Attorney Gerald Phillips tried to help Ted Graczyk oust Jack Kilroy from Council in 1998. ]

Additionally, two signatures on his petition lists are registered to an address on Schwartz Road in Avon that does not have an occupancy permit.

Graczyk said the signatures belong to his son-in-law and daughter who are currently living with him and are waiting for electric lines to be attached to the house before living there.

The couple previously lived in Elyria but Graczyk said they moved from the city to Avon six months ago.

However, documents obtained from Avon City Hall indicate that Mr. and Mrs. Vaszi's (Graczyk's daughter and son-in-law) mailing address was on Baldwin Street in Elyria.

A letter from Timothy Krugman, Zoning Enforcement Officer for Avon, was hand delivered by a police officer to that specific address on June 28, 2001, thus refuting Graczyk's statement that the couple changed addresses six months ago. ''

[If Graczyk were elected Mayor, whom would he appoint to be Avon's Law Director?]

NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 8-31-01, By CRAIG RIMLINGER, Morning Journal Writer

``ELYRIA -- Whether Ted Graczyk is on the ballot in the Avon mayor's race will be up to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office following a split vote on the validity of his petitions yesterday by the Lorain County Board of Elections.

The board's 2-to-2 vote didn't settle questions about a new set of petitions Graczyk had submitted just before the deadline, so the petitions were sent down to Columbus for certification ...

His attorney, Gerald Phillips, yesterday cited an Ohio Supreme Court decision from last year when Phillips was representing Thomas Rose in a referendum petition in a Columbia Township zoning dispute ...

However, Marilyn Jacobcik, the elections board director, said she was told in a telephone call that the Secretary of State's Office [says] ... the decision does not apply to individual candidates and refers instead only to the specific zoning dispute at issue in the Rose lawsuit.

''Once you file, that's it,'' Jacobcik said, adding the second petitions were accepted as documents only, not as valid petitions ...

Phillips' argument yesterday was supported by elections board member Tony Giardini ...

Elections board chairman Thomas Smith [an attorney who has represented Richard E. Jacobs ] also voted in favor of certifying the petitions. Robert Rousseau and John Blevins voted against it ...

Meanwhile, the first set of petitions Graczyk submitted will be going to a law enforcement agency for review of potential election falsification. The board voted unanimously to pursue the action.

Jacobcik said when Graczyk submitted his first petitions, he had signed them after they were circulated, a violation of election regulations.

Assistant Lorain County Prosecutor Gerald Innes said the matter may go to the county prosecutor's office or the Avon Police Department.

This type of misdemeanor is punishable by a maximum six months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine ...

After the meeting yesterday, Graczyk referred all questions to Phillips ... ''

NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 8-31-01, By Catherine Gilfether, Plain Dealer Reporter

``AVON -- While Ohio's secretary of state determines whether former Councilman Ted Graczyk Jr. can run for mayor, an investigation will determine whether Graczyk falsified two petitions he later withdrew ...

Elections falsification is a misdemeanor with penalties of six months in jail or a $1,000 fine, said Gerald Innes, assistant county prosecutor ...

Petitions must be signed by candidates before they are circulated, said Marilyn Jacobik, board director.

On Aug. 17, [2001] a board employee flagged the two petitions missing Graczyk's signature. Those are now in the board's possession as evidence ...

... upon the advice of attorney Gerald Phillips, Graczyk collected 66 new ... [names]. He and Phillips went to the Elyria elections office Aug. 23, the filing deadline, with a letter asking to withdraw the original petitions and submit "brand, new fresh ones." ...

Phillips insisted that Jacobik date-stamp the new batch of petitions, which are being referred to Columbus for a ruling.

At the bottom of Graczyk's letter, Jacobik wrote, "Not accepted as a withdrawal, accepted as a document only at Gerald Phillips' request. M Jacobik"

Jacobik said yesterday that she was told by the secretary of state's office that candidates cannot withdraw and resubmit petitions ... ''

NEWS ARTICLE from The Chronicle-Telegram, 8-31-01, By Kristin Yarbrough

``ELYRIA -- The Ohio Secretary of State will decide whether Avon mayoral candidate Ted Graczyk Jr.'s name will appear on the November ballot after the county Board of Elections members split a vote to decide whether he provided valid petitions.

The board voted unanimously, however, to send Graczyk's first set of petitions to the county prosecutor for further review ...

Graczyk had not signed some of the candidacy forms when he brought them to the elections board office, said Marilyn Jacobcik, director of the board.

Graczyk asked if he could sign them at that point, but was told of the legal requirement that petitions be signed before being circulated, Jacobcik said.

Graczyk left the board office with all five petition sheets and returned the next day with new petitions, Jacobcik said. The new petitions were covered with marks, and two of the sheets appeared to be the two unsigned sheets he tried to turn in the previous day.

He then returned Aug. 23, the filing deadline, with another set of new petitions and asked to withdraw his previous set, Jacobcik said.

Graczyk previously said his wife and daughters made marks on the petition when he asked them to look them over for mistakes.

Assistant County Prosecutor Gerald Innes said the Avon Police Department would conduct any investigation into the petitions. If wrongdoing is found, Graczyk could face misdemeanor charges of election falsification, which carries a sentence of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Board members Robert Rousseau and John Blevins voted against putting Graczyk on the ballot. Board Chair Tom Smith [an attorney who has represented Richard E. Jacobs ] and member Anthony Giardini voted to let Graczyk run ... ''


``County board is questioning petition validity

AVON - Theodore Graczyk Jr. is being investigated for possible election fraud, but said he is "not even a little bit worried," even though the misdemeanor carries a possible sentence of up to six months in jail and maximum $1,000 fine.

The investigation stems from a problem with petitions he submitted to the Lorain County Board of Elections when he filed as a candidate for mayor.

According election board's director Marilyn Jacobik, "There was a question about when they (the petitions) had been signed. There's a requirement they be signed before they are circulated. The first time he came in, some of them were unsigned."

Board of elections workers circled the blank signature lines in red so they couldn't be filled in later. Graczyk collected some of the petitions from the board so he could review them.

According to Jacobik, "He came back the next day with all the signature lines circled in red. So, there's a questions as to whether or not that group contained the original ones we had marked." ... ''

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 9-12-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Graczyk could face falsification charges

AVON -- There have been several discrepancies in mayoral candidate Ted Graczyk's run for office this November ...

New details about certain individuals that signed the petitions have come to light that could be the final blow to his campaign.

As published in a letter to the editor portion of paper in The PRESS on Aug. 29, Melanie Vaszi, Graczyk's daughter, said that she has not lived in Elyria since April [2001] but just recently went to the Avon Post Office to officially change her address to the City of Avon ...

The address change ... matched the same address that appears on Graczyk's petitions ...

In the letter to The PRESS, Vaszi wrote ... "I activated my change from my parents address to my Schwartz Road address," ...

The timeline does not work. Vaszi signed a mayoral petition for her father and dated it July 24 [2001]. The address, which is also required to filled out by the signing party, was listed at the [33868] Schwartz Road listing ...

Subsequently, Rick Green, a two-year supervisor at the Avon Post Office indicated the address only recently, in last two weeks, has been activated.

Green continued to note that the post office is currently holding the mail for the address because no one is living at the residence. "The post office will continue to hold the mail until the home is occupied," Green said.

Vaszi's statements do not support her actions, nor does the evidence that was supplied by the Avon Post Office ...

Vaszi's letter to The PRESS was dated Aug. 30, [2001]; and her signature upon verification was listed at 33868 Schwartz Rd.

Her husband, Steve C. Vaszi also signed Graczyk's petition ... [using] the [33868] Schwartz Road address on July 24 ...

By her own admission, Vaszi acknowledged that she made the change at the post office on Sept. 4 [2001].

Green said he could not release the names of the people who recently activated the address but said that if the Board of Elections would provide documentation about an impending investigation, he would have to release it by law ... ''

NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 9-18-01, By Catherine Gilfether, Plain Dealer Reporter

``Avon mayoral candidate files as write-in as he awaits ruling

AVON -- Former City Councilman Ted Graczyk Jr. hedged his bets yesterday by filing as a write-in candidate for mayor.

At the same time, he is waiting for a ruling from the secretary of state about whether he can officially be on the November ballot as a candidate.

Yesterday (9-17-01) was the deadline to file as a write-in. Grazcyk was accompanied to the elections board office by Gerald Phillips, an attorney who has lobbied on behalf of his campaign ...

Questions about Grazcyk's petitions surfaced Aug. 17 [2001] when he submitted some [petitions] without his signature ...

The Lorain County Board of Elections could not decide whether a candidate could withdraw and resubmit petitions once the filing process began. A tie vote by the board on Aug. 30 meant the matter must go to the secretary of state's office.

Graczyk said he was confident the ruling would allow him to be on the ballot, but "you never know."

Marilyn Jacobcik, director of the Lorain County Board of Elections, said Graczyk will be allowed to either appear on the ballot or run as a write-in, not both.

Meanwhile, the Lorain County prosecutor's office is reviewing whether Graczyk falsified petitions.

Contact Catherine Gilfether at

NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 9-29-01, By Catherine Gilfether, Plain Dealer Reporter

``AVON -- The Ohio secretary of state has "reluctantly" certified Ted Graczyk Jr.'s name to be placed on the November ballot. He will face Mayor James A. Smith.

In a letter yesterday to the Lorain County Board of Elections, J. Kenneth Blackwell said a strict reading of an Ohio Supreme Court decision required that Graczyk's candidate petitions be allowed.

But Blackwell said he feared the court ruling had "the potential to undermine the integrity of the elections process and public confidence in the election system and elected officials."

Graczyk began the filing process Aug. 16 when a board clerk circled in red where his signature was missing on two of his petitions.

Graczyk gathered them all up and returned the next day to resubmit the entire batch, all with his signature, including the two originally flagged.

That raised questions about whether Graczyk was trying to disguise the two petitions that had been invalidated, according to Blackwell's letter. The Elections Board retained those petitions and referred them to the criminal division of the county prosecutor's office.

Graczyk returned Aug. 23, the filing deadline, with a new batch of petitions and Attorney Gerald Phillips to ensure their filing.

The matter ended up in Blackwell's office when the county Elections Board voted 2-2 on whether to certify the second batch, as Blackwell later did ... ''

Contact Catherine Gilfether at:

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 10-3-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Graczyk is on the ballot, second set of petitions certified

AVON -- Secretary of State, J. Kenneth Blackwell ... In addition to Blackwell's ruling, the Lorain County Prosecutor's Office and Avon Police are investigating the possibility that Graczyk committed election falsification ...

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 10-3-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Phillips protests Wearsch's petitions ...

AVON -- ... Local attorney Gerald Phillips was representing mayoral hopeful Ted Graczyk trying to ensure that his client will be eligible for the upcoming November election ...

Phillips recent actions were the filing of a protest against another potential at-large candidate, Tom Wearsch ...

Thomas Wearsch filed five (5) part petitions for council at large in the City of Avon. On two of these part petitions the statement of candidacy states the term of office ending on 12-31-01, ... a non-existent term of office. Phillips wrote in his memorandum of law in support of protest ...

The protest was formally filed on Sept. 4 [2001] with the Elyria Board of Elections.

Wearsch said he has not been notified about any problems with his petitions; specifically, he has not been notified by the Elyria Board of Elections.

"I really don't know that much about it," Wearsch said. "I have not been contacted by the Board of Elections about anything. Everything I hear is just rumors."

Wearsch said that he is pleased that Phillips would even consider taking legal action against him. "If Phillips filed a protest, I feel honored," Wearsch said. "Our positions are so opposite of each other, that if he thinks attacking my campaign will benefit him or the people that he represents, he is mistaken." ...

Wearsch said that Phillips has a history of taking legal action in Avon ...

"He protested and opposed a school levy, and a library levy and other positive things we were doing in the city," Wearsch said. "That speaks of the type of person he is and what he has already done to the community with his legal activities." ... ''

EDITORIAL from The PRESS, 10-3-01, By Mike Ferrari

...Allowing Avon mayoral hopeful Ted Graczyk to run against incumbent Jim Smith in the November election was the right decision ...

I can only imagine the `bloody murder' screams that would come out of the Graczyk camp if he were not allowed to run ...

How about Graczyk's attorney Gerald Phillips? ...his latest attempt to keep Council-at-large incumbent Tom Wearsch off the ballot ... The best I can figure out about this cat is that he is a hired gun ...

If you look closely, you can almost see the strings attached to him from those who are actually in control ... ''

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 10-17-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Phillips takes protest against Wearsch to Supreme Court

AVON -- The Elyria Board of Elections vetoed attorney Gerald Phillips protest against Avon Councilman-at-Large Tom Wearsch, but Phillips has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

Phillips was trying to keep Wearsch off of the ballot and out of the November election ...

Gerald Innes, Chief Assistant Prosecutor and legal representative for the Board of Elections discussed why the Board denied the initial protest.

"He (Phillips) challenged the petitions on the basis of the term of office, Innes said. Our position is that there shouldn't be an issue because there is no confusion about the length of his term. Because there are four others running for the same term, we viewed the protest as insubstantial."

Wearsch said he has not hired a lawyer to represent him for the case but instead will rely on Innes explanation to the Supreme Court in the matter ...

Wearsch said that he assumed that Phillips would pursue the issue further but was not sure why he chose to appeal to the Supreme Court.

"I don't understand why but I know that this is Jerry Phillips," Wearsch said about the protest and appeal ...

"Knowing Jerry Phillips and living in this town as long as I have, I've come to expect this sort of thing from him."

Speculation about other political candidates prompting Phillips actions is strictly election rhetoric Wearsch said, but he feels that the true motivating factors will eventually reveal themselves after the election.

"There is no question about that," Wearsch said about the possibility of another candidate trying to cause problems for his campaign. "As time goes by, you'll see the issues and a pattern will develop that can be traced back to the people who really motivated this."

Innes said a decision from the Supreme Court is not likely until later in October. ''

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``Avon mayor disavows grass cutting

AVON -- Conflicting accounts of whether an Avon city employee was instructed to mow some of the lawn on property owned by Mayor Jim Smith have resulted in an investigation, a predisciplinary hearing, rumors of mystery pictures and suggestions of a ''setup.''

Smith began alerting people last weekend that he had heard an approximately 20-foot swath of lawn on his property at 1610 Center Road had been mowed in June by a city worker using city equipment.

Adding intrigue were allegations that photos exist showing the lawn being mowed. Smith has owned the property for four years.

In a tersely worded memo to Service Director Gerald Plas on Monday, Smith fervently denied involvement ...

Leonard Dunmyre, an employee in the city's streets department, said he had mowed the lawn on the 0.6 acre site, according to a police incident form.

In a sworn statement given to the Avon police Tuesday, Dunmyre wrote, ''During the week of June 18th, I was asked to cut the empty lot at 1610 Center Road. Mr. Biro said to cut it for the fireworks could be seen better for the grand opening of Avon Commons shopping center.'' ...

Smith, Plas, Council President Shaun Brady and Law Director Dan Stringer all gathered on Wednesday for a predisciplinary hearing for Biro, and the minutes have Biro denying any directive was given to mow the property.

Biro said Dunmyre did not understand the instructions when told to mow SR 83 and Old Center Road, according to the minutes.

''Shaun Brady asked Mr. Biro if he told Leonard Dunmyre to mow the mayor's lot. Mr. Biro said no, they always clean it up in one pass,'' according to the minutes.

According to the minutes of the meeting, Biro said the mayor played no role in the mowing.

''Dan Stringer asked Mr. Biro if the mayor ever asked him to mow his property,'' according to the minutes.

''Mr. Biro said `No, never','' the minutes said.

Brio said he would be willing to give a statement to police reiterating the response, the minutes said.

... Smith said mowing such a small area would require about 20 seconds and that someone supposedly happened to be there [taking pictures] ... ''

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 8-22-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Conspiracy theory Mow-gate spinning out of control

AVON -- ... Avon Mayor Jim Smith owns property throughout the city, including a small parcel of land that dead-ends on SR 83 [old Center Rd.] near city hall. It is an overgrown area that has not received very much attention until recently.

Prior to the July 4 holiday weekend, a portion of the land, which was at the time, bursting with wild grass and weeds, was reduced to grass clippings as a city employee mowed the area.

According to Smith, it wasn't until recently that he learned the grass area was cut on city time and subsequently went into a feverish effort to find out who was on his property. Smith said he learned that a city worker cut the grass because he was instructed to do so by the Street Superintendent Bill Biro ...

Smith will be opposed by former council president Ted Graczyk for the mayoral position in this November's election. Somehow connected to the incident lies Biro, who has openly expressed his support for Graczyk.

Different officials at city hall, who wanted to remain nameless, said that Biro was promised a service director's position by Graczyk should he beat Smith in the November election in exchange for his support ...

"When the incident first came to light I was extremely upset," Smith said. "Then when I realized what a botched attempt this was to discredit me and damage my efforts toward another campaign, it became very humorous." ...

Graczyk said his claims about the incident are supported by pictures that were taken by adjacent property owners during the time of the mowing.

However, Smith refuted that by saying the portion of land is so small it would only require a minimal amount of time to cut the grass. Subsequently, someone had to be waiting for it to occur, in an effort to take the picture.

The adjacent property owners who were supposed to have the pictures did not call or produce them.

"I find it hard to believe that Graczyk claims to be uninvolved, yet he has obviously spoken with Mr. Biro about the incident," Smith said.

"He [Graczyk] claimed that he was unaware of the situation at first only to say that he was aware of it six months ago. How can it be six months when Biro said it has never happened before June 28?"

Smith feels this matter was similar to a set-up because there are too many events that happened in order that had to be planned. The incidents, Smith claims, are more than simple mistakes or luck.

"I find it hard to believe that any property owner would be standing by the roadside with a camera as street crews were routinely cutting portions of any right-of-way," Smith said.

"Something does not make sense here. I have heard of the pictures, but have never seen them. I would hope that if there are people who have pictures, that they bring them forward so we can sort this mess out."

A sworn statement obtained from the police department that was made by Dunmyre is simple and to the point and refutes Biro's statements that he cut the grass on Smith's property by his own doing. Instead, Dunmyre's statement says that Biro directly instructed him to cut the grass ...

"During the week of June 18 [2001] I was asked to cut the empty lot at 1610 Center Road. Mr. Biro said to cut it so the fireworks could be seen better for the grand opening of Avon Commons shopping center," Dunmyre's statement says.

Smith said regardless of what has happened, he feels bad about a good city worker being dragged into a messy situation.

"Mr. Dunmyre has always been an excellent employee for the city and has done everything he has been instructed to do," Smith said. "By no fault of his, he followed direction from his supervisor and now is in the middle. That is not fair to him or his family." ... ''

NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 9-12-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Phillips representing Biro ...

Phillips wrote a six-page letter ... [and] used stern language about the incident known as `Mow-Gate' and said that he will not allow Biro to be involved in the matter any further ...

"First, the pre-disciplinary conference held on Aug. 15, 2001, violated my client's constitutional due process rights ...

Phillips continued to write that Biro was informed of the 3 pm meeting without giving him notice about the meeting's content ...

As requested ... Biro was supposed to issue a sworn, written statement ...

"I, William Biro, being first duly sworn ... state the following:

1) that I am the superintendent of streets in the City of Avon;

2) that part of my duties ... is to see that the right of ways ... are mowed on a regular basis to assure proper visibility and for safety purposes;

3) that I instructed Leonard Dunmyre ... during the week of June 18, 2001 to mow the right of way along the cul de sac area at the end of Center Rd. north of I-90 and south of Chester Rd.;

4) that Mayor James A. Smith has never instructed or asked me to have any of the street department employees mow the property at 1610 Center Rd.;

5) that I have not instructed any of the street employees to mow the property at 1610 Center Rd."

... does not add up.

LETTER to the Editor of THE PRESS, 9-19-01, By Nancy Shelton

To the Editor:

``I am the adjacent property owner who took the pictures of city employees cutting the lot on Center Road in Avon owned by Mayor Jim Smith ...

[The] employees spent over an hour beautifying that 20-foot swath of overgrown weeds.

When it was cut again Aug. 1, [2001] there was only one employee involved and was completed in about 25 minutes.

I am the person responsible for telling Ted Gracyzk about the cutting by city employees. In fact, I called him while the cutting was taking place (in June) for clarification on city policy regarding mowing of vacant lots and asked whether this was normal.

I see no point in turning these pictures over to Mayor Smith or to the newspapers that have called.

The cuttings took place and the guilty employee has admitted to the deed - period.

It's possible there's nothing more to this than a misunderstanding by Mr. Dunmyre of the directives he was given by Mr. Biro ...

Both cutting incidents were observed by myself, guests at my home and members of a neighboring household. I certainly was not standing by the roadside with a camera or waiting for it to occur ... ''

Nancy Shelton, Avon

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NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 10-31-01, By Mike Ferrari

``Phillips claims thrown out of court, Wearsch stays on ballot

AVON -- ... Wearsch will be on the ballot this Nov. 6 ...

Wearsch said he was notified of the decision because he received a phone call from the Board of Elections following the Supreme Court's decision ...

"The Supreme Court's decision proved my thoughts and feelings to be true and accurate. This was just simple Jerry Phillips tactics."

Wearsch said he was never concerned about the potential that he could have been excluded from this year's election.

"I wasn't concerned about it at all and I wasn't concerned from the beginning, Wearsch said. I feel it (the decision) was handled appropriately."

Wearsch said the very reason that he didn't hire an attorney was because he was sure the Supreme Court would find in his favor and based on his conversations with election officials, there was no need to pursue legal representation.

The decision, Wearsch said, should send a message to the residents of Avon.

"I just hope the residents of Avon realize that he (Phillips) is not an asset to this community," Wearsch said. "When he talks people should realize he is not thinking about the community as a whole. Instead he brings negativity to the city." ...

Wearsch said the true reasons that he was taken to task by Phillips, over the issue will present themselves after the election.

"I hope very strongly that people realize whom he truly represents," Wearsch said. ''

ENDORSEMENTS from The PRESS, 10-31-01

``... [Mayor Jim] Smith is supported by facts, while his opponent, Ted Graczyk ... has tried to discredit his efforts at every turn with deceit and convoluted stories based on fiction about impact fees and sewer problems ...

Smith is clearly the only choice for the Mayor of Avon. Any other decision would lead to imminent disaster for Avon ... ''

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City of Avon 2001 General Election Results, 11-6-01

Mayor (1 to be elected)

Theordore Graczyk, Jr. - 1,134

James A. Smith - 3,142

Council-at-Large (3)

Joanne M. Easterday - 2,385

Larry Jay Hoekstra, II - 1,392

Jack Kilroy - 2,078

David Mast - 1,587

Thomas L. Wearsch - 2,421 (Council President elect)

Council Ward 1 (1)

Mark David Julius - 602

Council Ward 2 (1)

Carol A. Hartwig - 620

David L. Kaiser - 233

Council Ward 3 (1)

Timothy E. Nickum - 920

Council Ward 4 (1)

Gerald T. Gentz - 938

School Board (3)

James S. Alten - 1,936

Susan Harrison - 2,137

Debra C. Polovich - 2,357

Dale G. Smitek - 1,929

1) Lorain County Community College - Replacement and increase 1.5 mills, 10 years - Continuing education services, operating costs, etc.

For: 37,193 Against: 31,529

2) Lorain County T.B. Clinic - Renewal .2 mill, 5 years - Providing funds for operating T.B. Clinic

For: 39,411 Against: 27,927

3) Lorain County General Health District - Renewal 1 mill, 5 years - Operating expenses

For: 20,288 Against: 12,497

4) Avon City - Income tax increase, continuing - full-time fire department and operation thereof

For: 2,772 Against: 1,542

5) Avon City - Charter amendment - Resident of City 1 year before election or appointment

For: 3,528 Against: 625

26) Avon Local School District - Renewal .62 mill, 5 years - Emergency requirements

For: 3,075 Against: 1,234

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Newspaper Record of XXXXX/Jacobs in Avon

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