How grasping can you get?

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BY ROLDO BARTIMOLE, Cleveland Free Times, 3-25-99

"... Maybe the Cleveland Foundation can finance a sociological study of Cleveland's wealthy sports entrepreneurs to find out what makes them so rapacious when they have so much ...

The survey could be called the Jacobs ... Jackal Study ...

Gateway's board of directors has once again become too lax in its dealings with Jacobs ...

You cannot deal reasonably with jackals who can't think of anything more than increasing the bottom line. ... "

CITY CHATTER, Cleveland Free Times, 12-23-99

"Word has it that PD editor Doug Clifton recently tweaked once-powerful publisher Alex Machaskee and editorial page director Brent ... Larkin for their lack of ethics (shocker!).

Seems a box of prime rib steaks was delivered to Clifton's home, courtesy of Dick Jacobs. Rather than keeping quiet and chowing down (as PD custom would seem to dictate), Clifton wrote an email to staffers saying the gift was unacceptable and that he had donated it to the Food Bank in Jacobs' name. As reporters in the newsroom got the message, a cheer went up, and someone called out: "What are Machaskee and Larkin going to do with theirs?"

While the two have remained silent on the issue (too polite to speak with their mouths full), our sources say there's no doubt they were on Jacobs' Christmas list."

Newspaper Record of XXXXX/Jacobs in Avon

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