Smith reminisces on history of
Commons property, Avon, Ohio
by JoAnne Easterday, THE PRESS, July 15, 1998

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There is a touch of irony in remembering. Avon property owner T. J. Smith said last week that he remembers a thing or two about the area in which Avon Commons shopping center is planned.

In fact, some land that Smith owns has been optioned by First Interstate Development. He said that in 1964 the property had been zoned CP-1, the counterpart for present day C-3 zoning.

However, in dealing with knowledge back then and current events, Smith might have taken a different tack. Smith said, "In June, 1968, at the time of Avon's first master plan, the planners Dalton and Dalton recommended that this property be zoned C3. We asked the Planning Commission that we be zoned C2 with a requirement that all the provisions of C3 would apply in C2 for a large project. We asked for C2 because we hoped that the State of Ohio would be willing to approve a package sewage treatment plant for a small project that we might start with. As it turned out, the State would approve nothing, and it put Avon under a building freeze."

Smith went on to say that he favored going to the people for a zoning decision. "The people should make the effort to understand what is going on here," he said.

Smith is of the opinion that if Avon Commons does not go in, the Stark/ Jacobs development is a foregone conclusion. He said, "THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THEM IS WITH COMMERCIAL COMPETITION.
IF WE DON'T PROVIDE IT, THEY WILL PROCEED. I want Detroit Road to look like it is now." He said Stark/Jacobs has the money and the clout to push through their development. "They will get their zoning through a court decision," Smith said.

Smith said if Avon Commons does not go through, "I could maybe make more money doing something else." He said currently the [residential] property on the north side of Detroit Road between Jaycox and SR 83 (excluding old Center Road) is zoned R-2 duplex housing. He could seek R-3 housing, he said. That would be "legally logical." He continued, "Property owners do have some rights."

Smith concluded by saying, "People have to shop somewhere. They have to ride on a road to get there." With Avon Commons there wouldn't necessarily be more traffic. "Avon would get the tax benefit and the jobs," he said.

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