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An Open Letter To The Avon City Council, Avon, Ohio

                                 July 4, 1998

Dear Members of Council:

On behalf of my family, I am asking for your protection. I have been a citizen of Avon all my life, and we hope that you will do what you can to preserve our rights as property owners. The proposed Avon Commons shopping center will be located on land which has been zoned with the intent of shopping center development for over 30 years. This property was zoned Commercial Park 1, (CP-1), in 1964; and we have publicly maintained from that time to the present that it is our intention to work for a shopping center here.

In June, 1968, at the time of Avon's first master plan, the planners Dalton and Dalton recommended that this property be zoned C3. We asked the Planning Commission that we be zoned C2 with a requirement that all the provisions of C3 would apply in C2 for a large project. We asked for C2 because we hoped that the State of Ohio would be willing to approve a package sewage treatment plant for a small project that we might start with. As it turned out, the State would approve nothing; and it put Avon under a building freeze. It should be mentioned that there was no limit on building size in either C2 or C3. Over the years we have publicly worked to improve the property with a large shopping center development in mind.

Trampling our property rights would point development of our land in a direction less beneficial to Avon. As of May, 1997, the capital gains tax has been substantially reduced; and we now have access to sewers. Things will change one way or the other. Richard Jacobs and Robert Stark in a map on their world wide web site show a road going through our property coming out on Detroit Rd. where the former Lorain County Bank building now stands. If you do not sustain our shopping center development, no property owner in Avon will be safe from assault in the courts by outside forces. We are relying on you.

We believe that Avon Commons is the highest and best use of our property for the benefit of Avon. We are proud that we made the right choice in selecting First Interstate Development Company for a quality project. The plans show that there will be little exposure to Detroit Road, and a landscaped mound will preserve the scenic character of Detroit Road. The large perpetual no-build buffer acreage will put permanent green space in the middle of Avon. Traffic flow will improve at Route 83 and I-90 and Detroit Road. $1.8 million is devoted to these upgrades, including sidewalks and traffic lights. Avon Commons will bring over $650,000 in additional annual tax revenue to the city and over $1.2 million annually to the schools of Avon. We trust you will do the right thing and support the rezoning of the Avon Commons site to C3.

Respectfully yours, Taylor J. Smith

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