Ora Butler Cahoon Home (1845), 37821 Detroit Road, Avon, Ohio

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This description is based on information
compiled by the Avon Historical Society.

This beautiful home just west of the Avon United Methodist Church was built in 1845, a wood frame structure with a sandstone foundation. The architecture is typically Greek Revival with bold, simple cornices and corner pilasters. A large basement beneath the dwelling features hand-hewn beams, a well to provide fresh water, and ample storage for food.

Electricity was installed in 1927 -- gas lights and kerosene lamps were used prior to that time. Ora Cahoon died in 1881. His grandsom Roy, and Roy's wife Grace, lived in it until they both passed away in 1986. Roy was 93 at the time, and this was the only home in which he had ever lived.


Century Homes of Avon, Ohio

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