Raymond Plumbing and Prete Builders win
1998 Quality Home Comfort Awards

August 3, 1998
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Waldock Home, Sandusky, Ohio; Contracting Business, July, 1998

Congratulations on the award and the nicely written article in Contracting Business on your work at the Waldock home. After re-reading it, I am even more impressed with what you accomplished. It was quite a nice job. By the way, please let CHAD know that his work in the mechanical room looks spectacular.


Perfect Comfort in the Perfect Spot
(Winner, Renovation, More than 3000 square feet)

by Bob Schwed

Contracting Business, July, 1998

Not many people can watch the sun rise over the water from their back door and then later watch it set across the water from the other side of their house. ... For much of the year these are aspects of his daily life that Robert Waldock of Sandusky, OH, truly enjoys. The beauty of the setting and a bit of nostalgia for his childhood are why he chooses to live on a peninsula jutting out from Lake Erie's southern shore. ... At the end of the peninsula ... is Cedar Point.

Carol Smith's grandchildren, who sometines play at the Schwartz Road Park, Avon, Ohio, are, top row right to left, Charlie and Josh, bottom row right to left, Justin and Courtney. Parents are Chad (Charles A.) Smith and Sherry Johnson Smith. (Picture April, 1996)

... Since the interior of the home was being rebuilt anyway, Waldock wanted to be sure the finished product would accommodate his six-foot, seven-inch frame. ... The homeowner's height even affected the HVAC system Keith Raymond, of Raymond Plumbing & Heating, Lorain, OH, designed and installed, since he had to help maintain maximum ceiling heights throughout the home.

... Prete and Raymond had been doing quality work together for over five years, so it was a natural for Prete to invite Raymond to do the HVAC and plumbing systems at the Waldock home. ....

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