Matthias Alten Home (about 1850)
(Alten - Casper House), 36840 Detroit Road, Avon, Ohio

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Ancestors of Mathias Alten

This description is based on information
compiled by the Avon Historical Society.

This historic home, the "front" house of Olde Avon Village, is the original farmhouse of the Mathias Alten property. It is a Georgian Colonial style brick house with a central hallway with four rooms down and four rooms up. There is a full attic and a full basement with a stone foundation. The interior dividing walls are also brick.

Mathias Alten was born in 1819 in the town of Bedlicht, Prussia, Germany. He came to Avon with his parents in 1845. On January 29, 1862, he married Gertrude Weber, who was born in 1834 in the Trier Diocese, Palantine, Germany. They were married in St. Mary's Church. They had twelve children, the youngest of which, Rosa, inheirited the property. The farm at that time consisted of 35 acres, the main brick house, two barns, and an orchard. In 1896, Rosa Alten married Peter Casper. They also raised a large family -- 12 children. Peter Casper was a farmer and ran a grocery store at the northeast corner of Detroit Road and Colorado Avenue -- later to become Gelman's Grocery.

In 1981, the house and remaining land was purchased by Dr. Fischer. The first floor was restored to its original condition and used as a consultation medical office. In 1988, the first floor was opened with commercial shops, and, in 1998, was the location of the Tree House Gallery and Tea Room. The designation "Alten-Casper House" is used to indicate the first and last families to actually use the house as a family home.

"Peter Casper died 3 days after my Father's fifteenth birthday. My Dad [Robert Casper] was Peter and Rose's last child. I don't know very much about my grandfather, and I only have one side view picture of him. He's sitting in front of Uncle Ed's garage. Peter and Rose were married almost 35 years when he died.

In the book, "A History of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, 150 Years," it tells all about how the Church was started and who helped to make it all possible. I was reading a part about when the new Church was dedicated on July 4, 1896, and the day and evening that was planned, when I came across something about my grandparents that I did not know. Both Peter and Rose were in a quartet, and they sang that evening. Mr. and Lady Martindale were the other half of the quartet.

Rose and Peter liked to sing in the parlor on Saturday nights. I was told this by my mother, Dorothy Casper. They did sing in a quartet. I do not know if they played any instruments. Rose liked to crochet. My mother and Aunt Lenore still have some of her doilies."

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