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Letter from Theresa Szippl, Membership Chairperson

Fall is quickly approaching and it's time again for the Avon Historical Society membership drive. We sincerely appreciate your support during this past year and ask for your renewal of that support for the coming September 2007, August 2008 year.

Mrs. Jean Fischer and Mr. Stan Hawryluk our Program Chairmen have again been hard at work over the summer months, getting our fall topics and speakers lined-up. A big thank you to Jean and Stan for making our programs so enjoyable. If you know of a program that might be of interest to our group, please share that with Jean and Stan for possible future programs.

As a reminder, our regular meetings will be held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Old Town Hall at 7:00 pm.

Wednesday, September 5: Historic Preservation, Sara Hobbs, Cleveland Restoration Society

Wednesday, October 3: History of the Cleveland Indians, John Mercer

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Wednesday, November 7: He Does Bird Calls Too! - Gary Gerrone, Lorain County Metro Parks

Wednesday, December 5: Christmas Party, V.F.W., Mills Road at 6:00 p.m. Bring hors d'oeuvre or finger food to share. Drinks will be provided.

January 2008: No Meeting

Theresa Szippl, Membership Chairperson


Parking for meetings of the Avon Historical Society:

(7 pm on first Wednesdays at the Old Town Hall of 1871, corner of Detroit and Stoney Ridge)

Next to Smitty's Barber Shop -- please disregard the "no parking" sign,

Across Detroit Rd. at Nemo's Restaurant (park close to Colorado),

Across Colorado Avenue behind Blue Chip,

On the east side of Buck's Hardware on Church Street,

Across Stoney Ridge at Lois Shinko's Country Store parking lot (just south of the Gazebo).


Membership Application, 2007-2008, Avon Historical Society

Mark Choice: [] Individual $5; [] couple $7.50; [] family $12.



Telephone #:

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Please send your check to The Avon Historical Society, 2623 Stoney Ridge Rd., Avon, OH 44011.

For more information, call (440) 934-5933.


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NEWS ARTICLE from The Chronicle-Telegram, 10-1-07, by LeAnn Mullen

``Presentation talks Tribe's history on the radio

AVON -- The folks at the Avon Historical Society are getting a real history lesson that dates back to the early 1930s, when TVs were just being invented and radios were the entertainment medium of choice. We're talking radio broadcasting history, or, more precisely, the history of the Cleveland Indians announcers. Names such as Herb Score, Tom Hamilton, Mike Hegan, Jimmy Dudley, Paul Olden and Cartwright 'Pinky' Hunter are sure to ring a few bells for Indians fans.

Speaker John Mercer, a social studies teacher at Olmsted Falls High School, will bring history to life at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Old Town Hall of 1871 as he talks about Indians announcers past and present.

Mercer studied the history of the Cleveland Indians announcers during graduate school at Kent State University and has collected tape recordings, memorabilia and other artifacts from the Indians broadcasts. He shares them with groups during his speeches.

"Many people don't know how interesting the topic really is," said Mercer. "In the '30s and '40s, announcers couldn't afford to go to the away games, so they'd broadcast live in a studio, receiving game information in Teletype from Western Union. They'd pretend to be there, and the listeners never had a clue that they weren't."

Mercer said announcer Jack Graney was especially good at deceiving listeners. "He even had items laying around the studio to use for sound effects."

The personal dramas and the rivalries of the announcers are some of the topics Mercer will cover in his 60-minute presentation.

He also will share some of the original audio from his collection.

Jack Smith, president of the Avon Historical Society, said that Mercer is an excellent speaker. "He really knows his stuff, and he is very exciting to listen to," he said.

Smith said the public is welcome to attend this free event at the Old Town Hall of 1871 at the corner of Detroit and Stoney Ridge roads. [Wednesday, 10-3-07, 7 pm]''

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