Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 9-7-11

10-5-11 Meeting of the Avon Historical Society

11-3-11 InterSociety Meeting at the Carlisle Visitor Center

President Jack Smith called the September 7, 2011, meeting of the Avon Historical Society to order at 7:02 p. m. There were about 35 members and guests present.

The minutes of April 6 were approved as read with Jim Szippl making the motion and Susie Cory seconding. Stan Hawryluk said that the Avon Historical Society actually went to the Amherst Museum rather than The New Indian Ridge Museum as originally discussed. (The minutes are a record of the meeting, not what actually took place in future time.)

Treasurer Christine White said there is $5,707.83 in the treasury.

Landmarks Preservation Commissioner Ralph White said that the commission was considering including 5 areas for preservation -- three houses on Willo, a sawmill foundation adjacent to the Avon Isle property and Avon Mound Cemetery at State Routes 254 and 83.

Jack and Fran Burik spoke of the upcoming city celebration "Fall into Avon." The Avon Historical Society did a scarecrow "Alma" to represent the society and the idea of field tile having been promoted by Norton Townshend. The tiles made it possible to drain the swampy but fertile soil of Avon. They spoke of the other community organizations and their representative scarecrows and the contest for the best and for the sale of the scarecrows by bidding.

Jack asked the October speaker Joe Richvalsky to tell of his upcoming program [10-5-11] -- A New Democracy in the Wilderness: Avon's First Houses." He will speak of the first houses in Avon and how they influenced home development in America.

At 7:18 Stan Hawryluk moved to adjourn, Nancy McGhee seconded.

Jack introduced the speaker Jean Fischer and her topic "Early Avon." Jean asked for a change of date for the Christmas party scheduled at her home. As a result of a conflict in times, the party will be held December 19, 2011.

Respectfully submitted, JoAnne Easterday



I. Reading of the minutes of the meeting of September 7, 2011

II. Treasurer's Report

A. Any outstanding bills to present.

III. Old Business

A. Report from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, Ralph White

B. Guide to the North Ridge Scenic Byway -- $20 is special price to AHS members, Jack Smith

C. Report from Avon Isle Utilization Committee, Laura Smith (contact with the Mayor, change ordinance prohibiting alcohol consumption at the Isle, etc.)

If you would like to help Laura, please call her at 440-610-5885.

D. George Miller was born on 6-24-1912, comments appreciated, Sandy Marsh

E. __________________________________________

IV. New Business

A. Intersociety meeting on 11-3-11, Jack Smith (see below)

B. __________________________________________

V. Motion to Adjourn and Second

Joe Richvalsky will present "A New Democracy In The Wilderness: Avon's First Houses"


Parking for meetings of the Avon Historical Society:

On the east side of the Old Town Hall,

Across Detroit Rd. at Nemo's Restaurant (park close to Colorado),

Across Colorado Avenue (SR 611) behind Blue Chip,

On the east side of Buck's Hardware on Church Street,

Across Stoney Ridge at Lois Shinko's Country Store parking lot (just south of the Gazebo).

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Joe Richvalsky will present "A New Democracy in the Wilderness: Avon's First Houses," and how they influenced home development in America, at the meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7 pm on Wednesday, 10-5-11, at the Old Town Hall of 1871, southeast corner of Detroit and Stoney Ridge. For more information, contact Jean Fischer at 934-6106 or Stan Hawryluk at 934-0224.

A New Democracy in the Wilderness: Avon's First Houses


The American Greek-Revival style of architecture experienced a quiet, golden-age during the years 1840 up until the start of the Civil War. The Western Reserve area of Ohio was transitioning from the struggle of the first settlers to a more genteel existence of their children. Log cabins and swampy, stump-filled land gave way to white-clapboard farmsteads, like little Greek temples, dotting the rolling green landscape.

Established roads, cleared & drained fertile land, a stage-coach route, merchants & trades, organized government, churches, and schools were the foundation of the new communities.

The citizens of villages like Dover, and Avon, and Charleston could now write home to their friends and families back in New England, and proudly tell of their tidy, respectable farms, of their morals, of their children now properly educated, and of their homes, not only edifices of style and culture, but representations of democracy itself as born in the Greek ideal.

Because the new Country was expanding into the wild territories of the west with increasing intensity, and before the railroad re-assigned influence and power to the towns of its choosing, and beyond the original colonies that were mostly mirror images of British towns, the idyllic villages like Avon of the Western Reserve were the first examples of the new American democracy made real in its built environment, where each person, rich or poor could be equal and free.

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Meeting of the Avon Historical Society on Thursday, November 3, 2011

WHAT: Lorain County Historical Society INTERSOCIETY COMMITTEE Annual Meeting & Potluck Dinner

WHEN: Thurs., November 3, 2011, beginning at 5:30 p.m. (meal at 6:00)

WHERE: at the Lorain County Metroparks Carlisle Reservation Visitor Center, 12882 Diagonal Road, LaGrange, Ohio 44050, west of S.R. 301:

Take Routes 10/20 west to the Route 301 South (LaGrange Road) exit. Turn left onto 301 South. Drive a short distance to the second intersection on your right, Nickel Plate - Diagonal Road, which is across from the red brick Carlisle Township Fire Department, and drive 0.7 mile to the Duck Pond Picnic Area entrance, which will be on your right. Drive 0.8 mile farther on Diagonal Road and the entrance to the Carlisle Visitor Center will also be on the right.

WHO: All Lorain County historical and genealogy groups are invited -- to share experiences and ideas, and report on their group's recent activities

PROGRAM: "Lorain County's Forgotten Civil War General," a PowerPoint presentation by Matt Weisman - the story of Gen. Quincy A. Gillmore of Black River Township (Lorain), to help us commemorate the Civil War Sesquicentennial, 1861-2011

BRING: A covered dish (casserole, salad, dessert, etc.) to share, and your own place settings - coffee and lemonade will be provided

HOST GROUP: Columbia Historical Society

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