Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 3-5-08

Gary Fisher, architect from Arkinetics, will present "Williams House and Stone Eagle Farm renovations" at the meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7 pm on Wednesday, 4-2-08, at the Old Town Hall of 1871. For more information, contact Jean Fischer at 934-6106 or Stan Hawryluk at 934-0224.

Holy Trinity parish is celebrating its 175th anniversary. Mike Bramhall is preparing a dvd to present at the 4-26-08 Anniversay Ball. Pictures showing the history of Holy Trinity are needed; and committee members will be happy to come to your home with a portable scanner to scan pictures which you may have. Please contact Michelle Flando at 937-6404.


At 7:03 p. m. on March 5, 2008, President Jack Smith called the Avon Historical Society to order. About 15 members and guests were present.

Jean Fischer gave the treasurer's report. There is $6,521.12 in a money market account and $2,342.55 in the checking account.

Although there were no outstanding bills to present, Jack reiterated that Ralph White had authority to purchase film and to develop photos of Avon Isle to complete the application for obtaining National Registry status for the Avon Isle building.

Jim Szippl gave the landscaping report saying a stone cutter working on Buddy Miller's property will be contacted about a stone bench in honor of Dr. Del Fischer. Jack said the bench would be placed under the Linden tree which had been given to the Avon Historical Society by Willoway Nurseries in 1974.

Jean reiterated that Sunbeam Nurseries have agreed to give perennial plants for the garden to be established at the rear of the Old Town Hall site.

Jim will secure some one who can advise the Society whether the four hanging chandeliers in Old Town Hall have sufficient wiring capacity to allow for higher wattage light bulbs.

Jack reviewed the information for next months meeting. Gary Fisher, the architect from Arkinetics, will present "Williams House and Stone Eagle Farm Renovations." The Wednesday April 2 meeting is at 7 p. m.

Jack spoke about the Press news article concerning the old school house. He said Steve McQuillin encouraged the Landmarks Preservation Commission to draft an ordinance for Avon City Council to consider designating Avon as a certified local government to make the city eligible for grant money.

Jack said that although Ron Larson had secured permission from the Planning Commission to move the school house, owner Greg Romas last November was unwilling to relinquish ownership.

The day after being denied the zoning he requested for apartments (but was given zoning to encourage offices), he said he would raze the house unless it was moved within 60 days.

In discussion, Ralph White suggested that in further renovations at the Williams House consideration be given to making the cement block foundation look more in character of the 1837 house by adding brick veneer.

The meeting adjourned with Jim Szipple making the motion and Ralph White seconding.

Jean Fischer introduced the speaker Jim Smith from the Lorain County Historical Society who gave a presentation on Steve Dohanyos a Lorain artist.

Respectfully submitted, JoAnne Easterday



I. Reading of the minutes of the meeting of March 5, 2008

II. Treasurer's Report

A. Any outstanding bills to present.

III. Old Business

A. Landmarks Preservation Commission, Bob Gates

B. Landscaping Committee, Chuck Huene

C. From the Avon Historical Society Minutes of March 7, 2007: "Jack reported on the petition to the Landmarks Preservation Commission by Greg Romes to demolish the Avon Center Schoolhouse on Detroit Road. He asked the AHS to approve the idea of the developer giving the Schoolhouse to the AHS; whereupon, the Society would immediately turn the building over to Ron Larson who would move the building to historic Old Avon Village ... George Bliss made the motion, Joanne Albert seconded. Motion carried unanimously."

New Motion to recieve the Avon Center School from Greg Romes with an accepatable value and to give it to whomever can give a reasoable guarantee to move and preserve the schoolhouse, Jack Smith

D. Motion to hire a photograper to finalize photos for Avon Isle National Registry application, Ralph White

E. Other

IV. New Business

A. Program for the meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7 pm on Wednesday, 5-7-08, Stan Hawryluk

B. Other

V. Adjourn Meeting


Stan Hawryluk will introduce Gary Fisher, architect from Arkinetics, who will present "Williams House and Stone Eagle Farm renovations"

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