Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 5-3-06

Historic fire station gets an update

President Jack Smith opened the May 3, 2006, meeting of the Avon Historical Society at 7:00 pn. at The Old Town Hall with 33 members and guests present.

As the first order of business he asked the secretary to read the minutes of the previous meeting of April 5, 2006. Following the reading of the minutes Jack asked if there were any additions or corrections to the minutes as read. There being none, a motion to approve the minutes was made by George Bliss, seconded by JoAnne Easterday and by voice vote unanimously approved.

Next Jack asked for an updated treasurer's report from Barb Wolf. Barb reported that as of this evening there is a balance of $1,517.63 in our checking account and $6,144.11 in the money market account. The president asked if there were any outstanding bills to present this evening and Mary Ann Littell presented a bill for $25.00 for our entrance fee for the upcoming Duct Tape Parade.

As the biannual election is held at this month's meeting, Jack called upon trustee, Jim Szippl to present a slate of candidates for the upcoming 2-year terms of office.

Jim stated that the slate is as follows:

President: Jack Smith, Vice-President: Ralph White and Treasurer: Barb Wolf.

Currently we have no candidate for the office of Secretary. The president then said that he would entertain any nominations for secretary from the floor at this time. There being none he suggested that we entertain a motion to accept the slate of officers as presented with the exception of secretary. Marilou Moorman made the formal motion which motion was seconded by Dr. Fischer and upon voice vote the motion was carried.

A suggestion was made by Marilou Moorman that in view of the fact that we cannot find anyone to fill this position, that perhaps 2 people would agree to share this responsibility. JoAnne Easterday then stated that if in fact we could find another person, that she would volunteer to be one of the secretaries. Jim Szippl stated that we would definitely find a second person to assist if JoAnne was willing to accept the position. Upon motion by Marilou Moorman and seconded by Dr. Fischer it was agreed that the position of secretary would be filled by 2 people who will share the responsibilities which second person is to be named by the next meeting.

In view of our program this evening Jack announced that unless someone had any old or new business that needed to be discussed this evening, that we would dispense with the normal committee reports.

The one item on tonight's agenda that needed attention is our participation in the upcoming Duct Tape Parade and Mary Ann Littell has offered to fill in for Toni Barnhart this evening.

Mary Ann reminded everyone that she was compiling a final list of participants who have agreed to complete a square for our quilt. Please make sure she has your name and what your design will be before you leave this evening so we don't have duplications. If you are still in need of different colors to complete your design contact Mary Ann or Toni and we will see that you will get what you need. Also when you are done with a color call either of them and they will pick up the left over tape so we can pass it around to others who are waiting for a color.

Be reminded that everyone is to bring their completed panel here on Wednesday, May 31st at 7:00 pn. We also need volunteers to put the quilt together. Bob Gates has already completed the frame for us. We are also looking for another trailer for the parade. We would like to have both this year's quit and last year's entry in the parade. We also intend to preserve this year's quilt when it is completed.

There being no further business to conduct upon a motion by Ruth Plas and seconded by Pat Furnas the meeting was adjourned.

Jean Fischer then introduced tonight's speaker Grant Thompson who gave a very fascinating slide presentation on "Eagles of Lorain County".

Respectfully submitted, Nancy McGhee, Secretary

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 5-24-06, By Julie A. Short

``Historic fire station gets an update, with a little local help

AVON -- Though no one exactly knows when Avon's first fire station was built [probably about 1930], suffice it to say, it's old. The building, located behind the Old Town Hall of 1871 (home of the Avon Historical Society) at the corner of Detroit Road and SR 611, has been in need of new roof and door for several years.

"We use the building for storage," Avon Historical Society President Taylor Jack Smith said. "Right now we have our float from the [2005] Duct Tape Festival Parade in the building. The float is covered because the roof was leaking. The holes in the roof were so big, you could see daylight."

During the Society's February [2006] meeting, Avon's Service Director Jerry Plas told the members that garage door is "practically worthless." "It is almost impossible to lift the door as it is off the track also," ...

According to Smith, the fire department has expressed interest in storing the city's 1930s fire engine inside the old fire station. "The old fire truck is currently being stored at the new fire station," Smith said. "We didn't want to bring it here until we had a secure roof. We also needed a new garage door. The new door is in keeping with the character of the building."

The Historical Society worked with the city, and several local businesses stepped up to donate supplies and repair the old building. "Brady Homes donated labor," Plas said during council's May 15 work session. "Franciscan Roofing in North Ridgeville donated labor and supplies. We are thankful to everyone for getting the city's original fire station back in the dry. I applaud everyone who stepped up to the plate."

Smith noted that the fire station is an important chunk of Avon's history ... Smith said. "It's an attractive piece to the Old Town Hall. "The city has done a great job up keeping the outside of the Old Town Hall. We are very grateful."

Avon resident Kerry Barvincak created a new sign for the front of the building which can be seen from Stoney Ridge Road (SR 611). "We are currently in the process of stripping the paint," Barvincak said. "Plans are in the works to paint the exterior. After that, the building should be in pretty good shape. The Historical Society has done a great job seeing that it is preserved."''

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