Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 5-31-06

Paint Clinic (Free)

Aunt Teak and Uncle Junque 2006 yard sales

Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail National Scenic Byway

President Jack Smith called the Avon Historical Society meeting for assembling the "quilt" squares for the Duct Tape Festival Parade to order about 7:15 pm. He asked coordinator Toni Barnhart to update participants on the effort.

Toni said that the "quilt" frame made by Bob Gates was stored at George Bliss's barn. The quilt will be assembled at Old City Hall and transported to the barn for mounting. The size will be two sided with 4 sections by 3 sections united by "sashing" probably of duct tape grey. There may also be a border of an undetermined color.

The parade is June 17, 2006, beginning at 10 am. The float is to be at the school at 7 am. The "skirt" and signage will be the finishing touches. Taping of pieces will begin Tuesday, 6-6-06, at 7 pm at the Old Town Hall.

Each of the squares was photographed, most with their maker and designer. There were a total of 20 squares turned in. Four more are to be turned in.

In other business Jack informed the group of the Lorain County Preservation Network's fund raiser scheduled for September 9, 2006. The fund raiser tour sites would include the Old Town Hall and the Avon Isle. The tickets sell for $15; of which, $10 would go to the Network and $5 would go for the Avon Historical Society.

Jack asked for a voice vote in favor of participating in the event. The vote was Yes. The meeting adjourned about 8 pm.

Respectfully submitted, JoAnne Easterday, Secretary

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Lorain County Preservation Network

509 Washington Ave., Elyria, Ohio 44035

440-322-3341 or 440-774-7404

`Protecting the past for the county's future'

The Lorain County Preservation Network consists of organizations and individuals who work to build a preservation ethic among Lorain County property owners and public officials. Network members seek to advance their knowledge and skills to promote the preservation of historic structures as a significant component of Lorain County's future.

For information Call Chris Baker: 284-0041 or Marilyn Fedelchak Harley: 774-7404

Six Groups Work Together To Improve Homes and Neighborhood

Does your house need a little pick-me-up paint job? Do you want to know how to make paint last longer? Do you want some guidance picking a color? Well, South Elyria Neighborhood Development (SEND), Elyria Landmarks Commission, Lorain County Historical Society, West-by-the-River Historic District, Lorain County Preservation Network and the Elyria Kiwanis Club want to assist homeowners who need help with the appearance of their home.

A free paint clinic will be available at 818 West Avenue in Elyria Friday June 9, 2006, 5 to 8 pm. This workshop will take place in the first house SEND purchased to rehabilitate for resale ... The workshop will have an expert to discuss paint techniques and hand-outs you can take home. They will also offer computerized color schemes for you to select and then see on a house similar to yours. You are invited to bring a picture of your house.

The workshop will be at the house across from the Methodist Village Parking Lot and South Elyria Neighborhood Steak Fry, 818 West Avenue. So you can have fun, eat a meal, learn about painting your house, and enjoy some music ...

Participants: Avon Historical Society, Avon Lake Landmark Preservation Society, Black River Historical Society, Brownhelm Historic Association, City of Elyria, Elyria Biographical and Historical Commission, Elyria Landmarks Commission, Friends of 45, Lorain County Community Development Department, Lorain County Historical Society, North Ridgeville Historical Society, Preservation Resource Center/CRS, South Elyria Neighborhood Development Corporation, Sheffield Village Historical Society, Vermilion-on-the-Lake Lot Owners Association.



818 West Avenue, Elyria, OH

Across from the Methodist Village Parking Lot

Hand-Outs on Techniques

** FREE Computerized Color Schemes for You to See

** Bring a Picture of Your House to Discuss

South Elyria Neighborhood Development (SEND), Elyria Landmarks Commission, Lorain County Historical Society, West-by-the-River Historic District, Lorain County Preservation Network, Elyria Kiwanis Club

June 9, 2006

5 pm to 8 pm

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Annual Aunt Teak and Uncle Junque / Avon's City Wide Yard sale will be held on Saturday June 24, 2006, from 9-5 and Sunday June 25th from 11-5. Once again, the local merchants of the French Creek Assosiation will sponsor a map indicating the location of local yard sale events.

Forms to register your yard sale location on our map are available at local merchants displaying posters for The City Wide Yard Sale. June 10, 2006, is the deadline to be listed on the map with a cost of only $5.00. Maps will be available June 17th and will be distributed by merchant Sponors.

So don't wait, make sure you block sale or yard sale is posted on the map.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CALL Kathy Pawlitsch at 440-934-6700

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 5-28-06 by Debbi Snook, Plain Dealer Reporter

[Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail National Scenic Byway]

``Follow the new green signs along the lakefront roads: They could take you to more public places on Lake Erie than you knew existed.

That is the message of the new Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail National Scenic Byway, which is run by a nonprofit organization that will be busy erecting signs this summer. Abbreviated, the signs will say: Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Trail.

Strung along the seven lakeshore counties from Toledo to Conneaut -- and designed to connect with other Great Lakes byways -- Coastal Ohio should not be confused with its predecessor, the 16-year-old Lake Erie Circle Tour.

Both were designed to coordinate tourism promotion of the lakeshore. But the public complained that the circle tour route didn't go close enough to the lake. Coastal Ohio hopes to remedy some of that, if not with its driving route, then with links to lakefront stops including a series of brochures, interactive Web sites (www.coastalohio.com) and more aggressive, diverse and cooperative programs for the visitor. All are in the beginning stages.

A color guide to the state's Lake Erie lighthouses and harbor museums is being published next month and, later this summer, a guide to the Lake Erie islands. Future themes include the Underground Railroad, gardens and birding sites. Storytellers along the route will share the most important stories the lake has to tell.

"We promote tourism and preservation in equal amounts," says Coastal Ohio director Melinda Huntley, from her Sandusky office. "We're not a member-based organization. We promote both public and private groups. The byway is a way for all of us to tell the Lake Erie story." She has plans to market the byway regionally.

Coastal Ohio has raised about $200,000 a year for the past few years, gathering money from county tourism bureaus, park districts, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, Ohio Lake Erie Commission and the Great Lakes office of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The new island brochure will emphasize parks, public access and the uniqueness of geology and plant life.

Creation of Coastal Ohio in 2002 was part of the campaign to get a federal designation for the Lake Erie National Scenic Byway. That was granted last year by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and links 16 portal sites in Ohio. Coastal Ohio is adding hundreds of sites to its program.

Coastal Ohio signage is almost complete in Erie and Lake counties, but until all signs are up, navigating the byway can be tricky. Some directions and the key sites can be found on www.byways.org/browse/byways/59836/travel.html.

Providing more lake views will be an elusive task. My recent drive of the byway had better views than the old Circle Tour, but lake views were still few and far between, maybe as little as 10 percent of the ride. The ride only made sense when coupled with information from national and state byway Web sites.

Coastal Ohio can't change Lake Erie's topography. Most of the byway is near water level, where a few trees easily can block the view. And there are many people living near the lake, and some of them are tearing down old houses and building newer, bigger ones. Historically, communities such as Cleveland, Toledo, Ashtabula and Conneaut used their lakefront for industrial purposes, not for beaches and parks ...''

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter: dsnook@plaind.com

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