Minutes of the Avon Historical Society, 5-2-07

Aunt Teak and Uncle Junque 2007 yard sale: 6-23-07 -- 6-24-07

Al Doane's auction on Saturday, 6-9-07

Old Town Hall of 1871 Facelift

About 25 members and guests were present at the May 2, 2007, Avon Historical Society meeting. President Jack Smith called the meeting to order at 7:05 p. m.

Jim Szippl made a correction on the minutes -- Bob Gates will look into overhauling the broken bulletin board attached to Old Town Hall.

George Bliss moved to accept the corrected minutes; Nancy McGhee seconded. Motion passed.

There was no treasurer's report. Jack said the accounts remained static with last month's report.

Bob Gates reported on the position of saving the Avon Center School through the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Greg Romes first made application for demolition on February 15, 2007. Since that time there has been discussion regarding the fate of the building; that is, whether it would be given to the AHS and then moved to Old Avon Village by Ron Larson, torn down, or saved on site.

Bob said that since the initial application for demolition, Romes has not shown up at the Commission sessions. Bob said that eventually the Commission will make a decision one way or the other on the Romes' demoliton permit request.

Other developments are that Ron did secure the variance and Planning Commission approval for the location of the building in Olde Avon Village if it were moved.

At an Avon Senior Citizen meeting Tim Nickum said that Romes has a tenant for the building and would be keeping it on site.

On another issue Bob said that a home owner in front of Avondale Golf Course sought relief from the Commission and did not want her house on the register. He said they had spoken with her extensively and she said she would think about the situation for a month.

Jack said that with historical designation home owners can get grant money for restoration through a program called Certified Local Government. A requirement is that a professional in the field has to be seated with the Commission. Joe Richvalsky as an architect serves that purpose. Bob will talk with the Commission to encourage the Avon City Council to pass an enabling ordinance.

Membership Chairman Theresa Szippl said there were two new members.

Chuck Huene thanked his Landscaping Committee -- Ralph White, Jim Szippl, Joe Richvalsky and Cheryl Huene for their efforts. He said he and Jim would be taking the drawing of the proposed changes and estimate of the cost, $8,000 to $10,000, to the mayor for consideration.

There is a consideration of low maintenance, saving the parking lot tree, maintaining the gravel lot and driveways. [See Old Town Hall of 1871 Facelift below.]

There was discussion regarding the rumor of the land to the east and south of Old Town Hall being developed as a pharmacy.

There was a question about the progress on the Williams House. Joe said that a new roof had been put on the building and invasive vegetation had been removed. The project seems to have become stalled.

Jack said at 7 pm on June 6 more Avon Historic plaques would be distributed at the meeting by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Call Carol Hartwig at 934-2207 for more information.

Bob Gates made the motion to adjourn. Stan Hawryluk seconded. Motion carried.

Jack introduced the speaker Rodney Beal of the Black River Historical Society. He spoke of Lilac Time in the City of Lorain.

Respectfully submitted, JoAnne Easterday

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Annual Aunt Teak and Uncle Junque / Avon's City Wide Yard sale will be held on Saturday June 23, 2007, from 9-5 and Sunday June 24th from 11-5. Once again, the local merchants of the Avon French Creek Merchants Assosiation will sponsor a map indicating the location of local yard sale events.

To register your sale, print the form shown below and mail along with $5 to FCA, P.O. Box 4, Avon, OH 44011 by June 20, 2007

June 7, 2007, is the deadline to be listed on the map with a cost of only $5.00. Maps will be available June 17th and will be distributed by merchant sponors.

So don't wait, make sure your block sale or yard sale is posted on the map.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CALL 937-5204 or visit www.frenchcreekdistrict.org/uncle_junque.htm





$5 donation required to be listed on the map. Mail this form with $5 to FCA, P.O. Box 4, Avon. DEADLINE 6/07/07

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 6-8-07, by MEGAN KING, Morning Journal Writer

``From cranes to ships, local auction has it all

Photo Caption: Al Doane, of Lorain, shows off a 1950s replica of a crane from The Thew Shovel Co. that was based out of Lorain yesterday at his home on Harborview Boulevard. Doane will have an auction Saturday [6-9-07] at his Lorain home for all his collectables.

LORAIN -- Local historian Al Doane loves old stuff -- and the stories that go along with them.

Yet, Doane, 82, can't fit his large collection of memorabilia and collectible items, including many with historical significance for Lorain, into his new home in Amherst.

On Saturday, Doane's collection will be auctioned off by Barck Auction and Reality at his Harborview Boulevard home in Lorain.

Some of the historic Lorain items on the auction block will include prints of the historic ship Armco, a Thew Shovel model crane, a wood model of the ship Wilfred Sykes, photos of the old Lorain High School and original drawings of The Antlers building.

''When you have been collecting for 50 years and you have a collection of stuff, what the heck are you going to do with it?'' Doane said. ''This seems to be the best way.''

Other items will include toys, kitchen items, train sets, board games, dolls from his late wife's collection, a mantle clock and old newspapers.

''It's a collection of love you might say,'' Doane said.

Doane's collection contains a variety of lighthouse items, stemming from his interest in helping to restore the lighthouse in the 1980s.

The model crane was used by salesmen as a model for prospective or existing customers in the 1950s, and the same cranes can be seen on ships in the Great Lakes today.

''That this is in operation even today, that just intrigues me,'' he said.

Doane recalled being oversees serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II and seeing cranes that were built in Lorain, and telling others of its origin.

''‘Wow look at that crane. It was made in my town,'' Doane said. ''That's a thrill to see when you're out in Timbuktu or in the South Pacific.''

Another item Doane pointed out is a gold spittoon, which was used to discard chewing tobacco. It once belonged in the offices of A.H. Babcock Insurance Co. in the early 1900s, and it was given by Babcock's son to Doane.

''Each desk had one of those,'' he said.

His collection includes a variety of drawings, including that of the Antlers Building, which was drawn in 1922.

The pictures of Lorain High School, which he estimates were taken in the 1940s, are black and white prints of the front of the building.

''That's how it looked when I went to school,'' Doane said.

Doane learned his love of history from his father, who came to Lorain in 1894.

''It's just a lot of fun to share (history),'' he said.''

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 5-30-97, By Rebecca Turman

``Historic Old Town Hall of 1871 may get exterior facelift

AVON -- At the May 21 [2007] Avon city council work session, members of the Avon Historical Society presented plans for a new landscaping look for the Old Town Hall of 1871, located on the corner of Detroit and Stoney Ridge roads.

Chuck Huene, Jim Szippl and other members of the Avon Historical Society, Ralph White, Cheryl Huene and Joe Richvalsky, helped to create the proposed landscape layout. Chuck Huene and Jim Szippl explained the updates to be done to the landscaping to the council members, as they have requested $10,000 from the city to improve the historical landmark.

The updates will be done in two phases, Huene said, and the first step will be removing all the existing shrubbery from the property.

In an interview, Huene said, "We will put patio stone on the east and west sides of the building and the entrance will be bricked from the road to the front of the building." "We're trying to enhance the building to catch up with the rest of the city," he said. "I just felt it was outdated. We've been in that building a long time, and it's time to fix it up."

Re-graveling the existing parking lots will also be a part of the plan, Huene told council members. "We'll move the driveway to the far east side to make visitor and handicap parking more accessible," he said. "I think it's a really nice plan," Councilman Dennis McBride said during the meeting. McBride questioned whether in updating the parking lot they would have to bring it up to American with Disabilities Act (ADA) codes. "It is exempt for historic reasons," Mayor Jim Smith said.

After the first phase is completed, Huene said phase two of the updates would include hedging on the east side of the building and possibly a gazebo near the rear of the hall. Huene told council members the grand total for the project would be about $11,200, though he is only requesting $10,000 at this time ...

"After we get done with the landscaping, the next step will be looking at the building itself -- the brick, perhaps the interior," Huene said in an interview.

Council was scheduled to vote on the landscaping item during the May 29 meeting, but not enough council members were present. The item will be voted on during a special meeting on May 30 [2007] at 7:30 p.m.''

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