Site of the Battle of Fallen Timbers

History professors want battlefield preserved

The Associated Press, 07/14/98 4:41 PM Eastern

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -- The site of a 1794 battle that historians credit with opening Ohio and neighboring states to settlement has been put up for sale by the city. ...

The southern third of the land was the site of the Battle of Fallen Timbers, where Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne was credited with a major victory in post-American Revolution history. ...

Five years ago, Heidelberg College archaeologist G. Michael Pratt identified the battlefield site northwest of the intersection of I-475 and the Anthony Wayne Trail in Maumee Township.

At the site, U.S. troops led by Wayne defeated a group of American Indians on Aug. 24, 1794.

University of Michigan history professor John Dann said the battle changed American history by opening up non-Indian settlement in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois.

"We in the Midwest have been brainwashed -- if it didn't happen on the East Coast, it wasn't worth considering as important," Dann said. "But from the 17th century to the end of the 19th, the cutting edge of the American experience was on the Western frontier, and for much of that time, the frontier was right here." ....

C The Associated Press, 1998



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