Introduction to Avon, Ohio

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The City of Avon is located 22 miles west of downtown Cleveland. The amount of land area in Avon is 20.87 square miles. Avon is positioned 41.45 degrees north of the equator and 82.02 degrees west of the prime meridian. Because of Cleveland's proximity, Avon is growing rapidly. The distance to Columbus is 113 miles.

While Avon has long been known for its many greenhouses, the City has also become a major center for antiques. There are several antiques shops located throughout Avon, and also many century homes within the French Creek Historic District. Four times a year festivals and special sales draw thousands of visitors.

Avon's Enterprise Zone is located near I-90 and other state routes which makes it ideal for developing for industrial use. The expansion of the sanitary sewers into the industrial area is a priority issues at this time. It will also be important to maintain and improve streets and highways. Attracting new industry will provide jobs for Lorain County and improve the tax base.

Seal of the City of Avon

The Avon Local School district provides a solid educational background for the students of Avon. Avon is located only three miles from Lorain County Community College. LCCC offers Avon high school students the opportunity to pick up college credits prior to graduation. The NOVA (gifted/talented) program is also offered to students attending Avon Schools.

The Lorain Public Library System serves Avon, and new library facility recently opened. The City of Avon's Parks and Recreation Commission offers a variety of recreation activities to both children and adults. Youth softball, basketball and soccer, men's basketball and couples volleyball are just a few activities that are offered. Avon's two parks offer soccer fields, baseball diamonds and playground facilities.

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