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From The Creekside Journal

``French Creek Medical begins FREE DELIVERY of many supply items to clinics within greater Cleveland, Ohio.

In order to be more price competitive on shipping and handling, French Creek Medical has implemented a free delivery program to clinics within Cleveland, Ohio on many supply items.

"Clinicians count on daily incoming shipments to re-stock their clinics without warehousing thousands of products," said President Tom Wible.

"Given our close proximity to Cleveland we are able to hop on I-90 and zip downtown in under 10 minutes. We can have those supplies at their loading dock or reception desk very quickly; and we can do it for less money and in less time than most vendors" said Wible.

"I had this call the other day from a physician who was in need of a taylor percussion hammer.

It was going to cost over $6.23 in shipping and the hammer itself only had a cost of $2.75 (French Creek Medical price).

I was headed downtown anyhow for a networking luncheon; so I grabbed the taylor hammer, threw it into my Toyota Prius (which gets over 45 miles per gallon) and dropped it off along the way.

In short, we're just trying to do what makes sense for everyone involved. We are not requiring any minimum orders and there are no complicated delivery schedules that the clinician must adhere to," said Wible.

"Professionals in healthcare settings who would like to take advantage of the free delivery can call (800) 274-6163, e-mail, or fax (800) 274-6165 in their orders.

Simply put, we will make timely deliveries within the Cleveland area as product is needed by the clinician," said Wible.''

Click here for details about FREE DELIVERY of medical supplies and a listing of cities within the delivery area.


French Creek Medical has assembled a package containing products that help prepare you for a bird flu outbreak, the Bird Flu Hygiene Kit®.


French Creek Medical now carries the Datex-Ohmeda TuffSat® Pulse Oximeter, perfect for the working Speech Therapist in evaluating if aspiration is present in patients with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).


French Creek Medical is your one stop shop for all your personal protective antimicrobial garments for the medical setting. Our complete line of hospital scrubs, isolation gowns, smocks and lab coats meet the OSHA definition of "Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment".

All of our scrubs and lab coats feature on+qor microfiber fabric which is fluid resistant, chemical resistant, and stain resistant. A brushed interior surface makes the material breathable and comfortable. Material is 2-3 times more durable than traditional clinical apparel of cotton/polyester.

For example, Unisex Scrub Pants with one hip pocket and one cargo pocket, available in 30" or 32" lengths, provide comfortable, lint free, durable (outlasts cotton and poly cotton), breathable, light weight, anti-microbial and fluid repellent protection from chemical splash, blood, and fluid. Meets the definition of "Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment" as provided in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030(d)(3)(i).

We repair equipment.

For more information:

Phone (440) 934-3866; Toll Free: (800) 274-6163

or FAX (440) 934-3868; Toll Free: (800) 274-6165

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Resist-A-Band: Burst Resistant Exercise Balls; Slowly Deflates if punctured; Available in eight (8) sizes; Includes air pump, instructions, measuring tape, plug, plug remover and air fill adapter.

Gymnic Exercise Balls (latex free): Made in Italy; Ribbed to reduce slippage; Color-Coded for easy identification.

Foam Rollers (Latex Free): Used for mobilization, balance and strength training; Can be used supine, prone, sitting, kneeling or standing .

Finger & Hand Exercise Ball (Latex Free): Unique Material holds up to rigorous therapy programs; Used to strengthen hands, fingers and forearms; Comes complete with exercise guide; Can be frozen for cold therapy or warmed in water for heat therapy.

Electrode Skin Care Products: TENS Clean Cote Skin Prep Pads,single use towelette, Box of 50; Adhesive Removal Pads, unscented single use towelette, Box of 100.

Leadwires worn out? French Creek Medical carries leadwires for many clinical NMES units.

Chattanooga Group Hydrocollator Heating Units (M-2, SS-2, E-2, E-1): M2 Mobile Hydrocollator 120V -- E2 Stationary Hydrocollator 120V -- E1 Stationary Hydrocollator 120V -- SS Stationary Hydrocollator 120V.

Paraffin Unit -- Paraffin Wax Refills -- Parabath by Theraband: 6 LB Paraffin Refill (Hygenic).

BioFeedback -- Traction -- Cuff Weights -- Digiflex Hand Exercisers -- Power Web -- Pre-Pak Products, Inc. -- Axelgaard Manufacturing.

PALS Platinum BLUE Electrodes (Blue Adhesive Gel with Stainless Steel Knit Fabric) -- PALS Platinum Electrodes (Stainless Steel Knit Fabric).

Homecare Products: Canes, Wooden Canes, Quad Canes.

Evalution Products: Buck Neurological Hammer -- Taylor Percussion Hammer -- Pinwheel -- Ribiner Percussion Hammer -- Stethoscopes -- Tape Measure (fabric) -- BP Cuff, Blood Pressure Cuff -- Sphygmomanometer -- Digital Timer -- Jamar Hand Dynamometer -- Jamar Pinch Gauge -- Goniometers -- Stainless Steel Finger Goniometer -- Bubble Inclinometer.

Exercise Mats: Rebounders; Cuff Weights; Theraband Aquatic Products

Carbonflex® Rubber Electrodes: Pin Receptacle; Carbon Rubber, Red and Black; Other Sizes Available - call (800) 274-6163 for details.

Arista 2000 TENS: Analog, Three (3) Mode TENS unit; Adjustable Pulse and Frequency; One Year Warranty Standard.

Wound Care Supplies: Conforming Gauze, Bandages, Dressings: Conform, Elastomull, Kerlix, Adaptic Dressing

Gauze Sponges: Sterile and Non-Sterile

Infection Control: Cavicide (Metrex) 24 oz Spray Bottle, Gallon -- Precise Foaming Cleanser (Caltech) 20 oz aerosol can -- Vionex Antimicrobial Liquid Soap 18 Oz Pump Bottle -- Vionex Antimicrobial Liquid Soap Gallon Refill -- Sani-Cloth HB Wipes, Large (PDI) 160 cloth dispensor tub.

Reusable TENS/NMES Electrodes: Self-Adhering Electrodes; Superior Gel for enhanced Durability; Latex Free; Pigtail Connect; White Cloth Backing.

Latex Exam Gloves: Non-Sterile, Powdered, Non-Chlorinated, Beaded Cuff, Box of 100; Vinyl Exam Gloves: Non-Sterile, Powdered, Box of 100.

Professional Stool, 5 Caster, Air-Lift: Hand control pneumatic height adjustment with "U" chrome handle; Height adjustable 19" to 27"; 16" diameter seat with 3" thick foam; Durable 5-leg black composite base meets BIFMA and ANSI standards; (5) 2" twin wheel black nylon casters with urethane tread; Available in 14 resist-all colors.

5 Liter Aquasonic Ultrasound Gel: Packaged 5 liter bag in box with dispenser bottle; Hypoallergenic; The World Standard for Medical Ultrasound Transmission.

Paper Products: Table Paper 18x 225' SMOOTH 12 rolls per case -- Table Paper 21 x 225' SMOOTH 12 rolls per case -- Table Paper 18 x 125' CREPE 12 rolls per case -- Table Paper 21 x 125' CREPE 12 rolls per case -- Headrest Paper 8½ Rolls, Smooth 25 rolls per case -- Headrest Paper 8½ Rolls, Creped 12 rolls per case -- C-fold towels, Scott White, 1 ply 150/pkg 16 packages per case -- Bouffant Nurse Caps, 21 Poly, pack of 100

Chattanooga Vinyl Cold Packs: Chattanooga ColPaC; Standard 11 x 14; Neck Contour 23; Half Size7.5 x 11; Quarter Size 5.5x7.5; Oversize 11 x 21; 3½ x 11; Eye Size.

Instant Cold Packs 5x10: Pack Size: 5 x 10; One time use/disposable; Ideal for quick first aid; remains cold for 20 minutes; long shelf life ; 5x10 Instant Cold Pack Case of 24; 5x10 Instant Cold Pack each;

Chattanooga Hydrocollator Hot Packs: Standard Hot Pack; Oversize Hot Pack; Cervical Hot Pack; ½ Size Hot Pack.

Hydrocollator Terry Covers: Standard Hot Pack Cover; Oversize Hot Pack Cover; Cervical Hot Pack Cover.

Hot Pack Accessories: Dial Thermometer Temp Range 10-220° F ; Hot Pack Tongs 16 Stainless Steel; Stainless Hot Pack Drying Rack 3 Hook, Stationary Wall Mount; Stainless Hot Pack Drying Rack 6 Hook, Stationary Wall Mount.

Southwest Techonologies Elasto-Gel Hot/Cold Packs: 9x24 Wrap -- Hot/Cold wrap for use on thigh, shoulder back and knee -- 6 x 24 Wrap -- Hot/Cold wrap for use on knee, neck and upper arm -- Cervical Collar -- Hot/Cold for use on neck, elastic loop strap holds in place -- 12 x 12 Hot/Cold: Covered with a urethane material that enables the product to be submerged in water. Remove Lycra cover before placing in water. Place damp cloth between patient and product to provide moist heat.

Shoulder Sleeve: Hot/Cold for use on shoulder; Easy to apply; Shoulder Sleeve Fastens using adjustable belt that runs just below the opposite arm; A second strap secures the pack around the arm; Sizing is by shirt size.

Coban Self-Adherent Wrap (3M Medical).

Alcohol Prep Pads, box of 100, Medium.

Sterile and Non-Sterile Tongue Depressors, Box of 100.

Beiersdorf Inc.: Leukotape P 1½ x 15 Yd Roll; Cover Roll Stretch 2 x 10 Yds; Leukotape Combo Pack.

Johnson & Johson: Elastikon 2x 5 yds case of 24; Elastikon 3x 5 yds case of 16; Zonas® Tape -- Porous construction allows skin to breathe, Cotton Cloth Backing, Tears easily both crosswise and lengthwise.

Hypafix Tape: 2 x 10 yd roll; 4 x 10 yd roll.

Micropore: Surgical Tape 1/2x 10 yd Box of 24; Surgical Tape 1 x 10 yd Box of 12.

Transpore: Surgical Tape 1/2 x 10 yd Box of 12; Surgical Tape 1 x 10 yd Box of 12.

Biofreeze: 4 ounce; 16 ounce; 32 ounce; Gallon; Gravity Feed Disp. Box.

Theraband: 6 Yd Tan -- 6 Yd Yellow -- 6 Yd Red -- 6 Yd Green -- 6 Yd Blue -- 6 Yd Black -- 6 Yd Silver -- 6 Yd Gold -- 50 Yd Tan -- 50 Yd Yellow -- 50 Yd Red -- 50 Yd Green -- 50 Yd Blue -- 50 Yd Black -- 50 Yd Silver -- 50 Yd Gold -- Latex Free, 25 Ft Yellow -- Latex Free, 25 Ft Red -- Latex Free, 25 Ft Green -- Latex Free, 25 Ft Blue -- Latex Free, 25 Ft Black -- Tubing 100ft Tan -- Tubing 100ft Yellow -- Tubing 100ft Red -- Tubing 100ft Green -- Tubing 100ft Blue -- Tubing 100ft Black -- Tubing 100ft Silver.

Chattanooga: Dial Thermometer for Hydrocollator -- Standard Cold Pack 11x14 -- Neck Cold Pack -- Half Size Cold Pack -- Quarter Size Cold Pack -- Oversize Cold Pack -- 3 x 11 cold pack -- Flexi-Pac Hot/Cold Small, Case of 48 -- Flexi-Pac Hot/Cold Medium, Case of 24 -- Flexi-Pac Hot/Cold Large, Case of 12 -- Overdoor Traction Kit (home) -- Nylatex Wraps 2.5" x 18" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 2.5" x 36" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 2.5" x 48" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 4" x 18" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 4" x 36" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 4" x 48" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 6" x 18" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 6" x 36" pkg of 3 -- Nylatex Wraps 6" x 48" pkg of 3 -- Hot Pack, Standard -- Hot Pack, Oversize -- Hot Pack, Half Size -- Hot Pack, Neck Contour -- Hot Pack, Knee-Shoulder -- Hot Pack, 10 x 24 -- Hot Pack, 10 x 18 -- Terry Hot Pack Cover, Standard -- Terry Hot Pack Cover, Oversize -- Terry Hot Pack Cover, Neck Contour.

Chattanooga Intelect Legend Ultrasound: 10 cm² Soundhead for Intelect; 2 cm² Soundhead for Intelect;

Chattanooga Intelect Stim 2 Channel: Legend 2 Channel Combo; Legend 4 Channel Combo.

Rich-Mar: 3.5 Ultrasound -- Rich-Mar 3.4 Ultrasound -- Rich-Mar 3.2 Ultrasound -- Rich-Mar 3.5 Ultrasound.

Mettler Electronics: Sonicator 730 -- Sonicator 715 -- Sonicator 716 -- Sys*Stim 226 -- Sys*Stim 206 -- Sys*Stim 294 -- Trio*Stim.


Battle Creek Equipment Company.

Theramophore Moist Heat Pack.

Core Products: D-Core Pillow; Core Role; Leg Spacer.

Corefit Industrial Belt: At work, at home or in the car, posture support provides immediate backpain relief and promotes a healthy spine. Core offers a variety of support belts and cushions to maintain proper posture and reduce strain to your back muscles. Many of our back supports feature breathable fabric, so you'll feel comfortable using them for hours.

Wrist Supports;

Carpal Lock® $21.95, is a splint that protects the wrist from movements that can lead to or aggravate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

CorPak 6X10: The right size to use on targeted spots of your back. Includes 18 strap. Blue.

CorPak 10X13: Large enough to cover your back. Includes 18 strap. Blue.

CorPak Tri-Sectional: Our most versatile hot and cold pack wraps easily around hard-to-treat body parts. 9 x 16. Includes 18 strap. Blue.

Low-Back Supports: Core's low-back supports are specially designed to provide maximum relief for muscle strains and spasms. The belts deliver intra-abdominal compression that bridges your spinal column to your sacrum (the bone that forms the base of your pelvis), thereby significantly reducing stress to your lower back.

CorFit® Belt: Plush elastic back panel and double side pulls for superior abdominal compression. Proportionally sized for optimal fit. White.

Dual Pull Criss-Cross: Plush elastic with dual side pulls and a reinforced criss-cross back for maximum compression and support. White.

Backrests: Core offers a variety of backrests that fit snugly into an office chair or car seat to comfort your back. Some have side-support wings to hug you from behind. There's even an inflatable backrest so you can adjust your level of support.

Sitback Rest® : Our most popular backrest includes side-support wings to keep you in correct position. Includes durable fabric cover. Recommended by the National Health and Wellness Club.

Sitback Rest® Deluxe: Includes side-support wings plus a positioning belt for added alignment. Includes durable fabric cover. Recommended by the National Health and Wellness Club. Blue.

Bucketseat Sitback Rest® : This version is shaped to fit snugly against bucketseats for maximum support while driving. Includes durable fabric cover.

Slimrest : A slimmer version of our popular backrest. Includes durable fabric cover. Slimrest Deluxe: Slim profile plus a positioning belt for added alignment. Includes durable fabric cover. Blue.

Comfort Core Backrest: Maximum support is delivered through a rigid plastic core, layered with a foam pad for comfort. Includes positioning belt. Blue.

Inflatable Backrest: Foam pad with built-in air pump for adjusting level of support. Includes positioning belt. Blue.

Tri-Core Pillow; Cervitrac Pillow; Petite Core Pillow.

Core 200 Performance Wrap: Four-way wraparound support makes it easy to put on, even over clothing. Black with blue wrap.

Neoprene Knee Support: Our most popular support features slip-on sleeve, open knee cap and compression straps. Good for cartilage support. Black.

Knee Supports: Knee Sleeve; Open Patella Knee Support.

Patella (Knee Cap) Strap: Applies gentle pressure to knee cap to reduce dislocation. One size fits all. Black.

Ankle Support: Get your ankle back in shape. After severe sprains, strains or cast removal, it's critical to stabilize the ankle joint and support stretched tendons and ligaments. Use CorPak hot and cold therapies to reduce swelling, increase circulation and promote healing. Even after the swelling subsides, your ankle may still be weak. Use a Core ankle support to help prevent future injury.

Hausmann: Treatment Tables; Mat Tables; Parallel Bars; Staircases; Plyometric Rebounders;

Hot Pack Accessories: Gel Warmers; Pre-Pak Products; Free-Up Massage Creme Scented; Free-Up Massage Creme Unscented;

Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley; Home Ranger 92 Shoulder Pulley

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Equipment repair

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