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NEWS ARTICLE from The Chronicle-Telegram, 8-11-08, by Alison Dietz

``Chocolate shop finds sweet spot in Avon

AVON -- Eagle claws: dangerous or delicious?

Delicious, provided these claws come from Catherine's Chocolates, a 'chocolate boutique' at 36718 Detroit Road [Avon, OH 44011; phone 440-934-4240; email].

The store, owned by Catherine Pastron, opened in Avon just before Easter to replace the original store in Amherst. Pastron makes specialty items to honor both cities: eagle claws for Avon, home of the Eagles, and sandstone crabs for Amherst, the 'sandstone capital of the world.'

These treats are made by hand with roasted salted nuts -- pecans for the crabs and cashews for the claws -- with caramel in the middle and chocolate on the top and bottom. They are then shaped to look like their names, as best they can.

"Cashews look a lot like eagle talons," Pastron said. For those who don't want their chocolate confections to melt while they're eating them, the shop also makes crabs on a stick, using pretzel rods as the sticks for minimal cleanup.

Catherine's Chocolates also has on hand some more classic treats, including giant Rice Krispies bars, chocolate-covered graham crackers and truffles.

Those who want something a bit more creative can also place special orders with the store. Pastron has customers request items for weddings, showers, holidays and business events.

Pastron started her chocolate business after losing her job four years ago. She'd been making chocolate at home for almost 20 years and decided to make a business of it.

"We've moved on to a bigger and grander scale," she said. This is even more true with the move to the Avon store -- Pastron went from having 900 square feet to 3100 square feet to play with.

"We increased our production area, our storage area and kitchen, and, of course, our retail floor," she said. That makes a lot of room for eagle claws.''

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Catherine's Chocolates to close its doors in Avon

Published: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

By the Morning Journal Staff,

AVON -- Avon will be a little less tasteful as Catherine's Chocolates will close its doors today after five years at its 36718 Detroit Road location.

Owner Catherine Pastron said she'll be retiring a few days after the store closes. She hopes to use her free time to visit her friends and family ...

Pastron has owned Catherine Chocolates since 2004. She said the store moved to its current location in 2007.

"We were located in downtown Amherst for a few years," she said. "My lease is almost up here and looking down the road it's a better decision right now."

Pastron said all chocolate will be on sale until the store closes. Gift items and furniture display pieces will also be available for purchase ...

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