Carroll Manufacturing and Sales

"We gave them a 10-year tax abatement"

35179 Avon Commerce Pkwy, Avon, Ohio 44011

Phone 440-937-3900, Toll Free 866-769-1500, Fax 440-937-3901


Employee Issue: Gloves, Hairnets, Beardnets, Aprons, Gowns, Sleeves, Ear Plugs, Boots, Jackets/Overalls, Safety Gear

Shipping Materials: Sealing Tape, Machine Tape, Shrink Wrap, Machine Wrap, Packing Peanuts

Ingredients: Spices, Rubs, Gelatin, Carageenan Phosphates, Proprietary Blends, Oils

Facility Products: Towels, Tissue, Wipers, Can Liners, Pads/Sponges, Maintenance Items, Foodservice

Netting: Stockinet (cheese cloth), Header Label Bags, Grape Bags, Ham Bags, Clam Bags, Vexar Liner, Elastic Netting, Casing Net, Smoked Netting, Plastic Netting,

Films: Rollstock (vertical and horizontal), Vacuum Pouches (3 mil, 4 mil, etc), Shrink Pouches (std., hvy., bone-in), High Temp. Bag, Patty Bags, Skin Pack, Cook in Bags, Cook and Strip, Cook and Ship, Soaker Pads, Mylar/Foil Wrap(red, gold, etc.), Bone Guard

Cook Chill Supplies: Hot Fill Bags, Meat Tank Bags, Tyvek Label Tape, Clips, Storage Crates, Dolly's, Thermal Transfer Printer, Thermal Transfer Ribbon, Labelview Software, Freezer Bags, Vacuum Bags, Cooking Charts

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Morning Journal, 2-15-06, by SCOT ALLYN, Morning Journal Writer

``Packaging company moves HQ to Avon

AVON -- Carroll Manufacturing and Sales, formerly of Westlake, is opening its new headquarters at 35179 Avon Commerce Parkway. Chris Carroll, CMS president, said. The new 70,000-square-foot facility is nearly three times the size of its old building.

CMS makes packaging products and other items for the food industry, Carroll said. ''We had to expand because of the growth of our business,'' Carroll said. ''We were in Westlake about three years and started the business in my house in Rocky River before that. For the Avon building, we used Consultex, an Avon company, as the project manager.''

Carroll said Avon was the best of several sites his company considered. ''We looked at locations in Richmond, Va., and another spot in Westlake,'' said Carroll. ''Lorain County and the Avon mayor and council were so enticing we couldn't resist. Avon offered the best opportunity for the land we needed and the size building we wanted to put up. It's got sales, manufacturing and warehouse areas. Our building took about seven months to build, and we moved in Jan. 20.''

CMS customers include ConAgra, Hormel and Boar's Head, Carroll said. ''We have over 500 customers for our products,'' said Carroll. ''We make netting for bone-in ham and Thanksgiving turkeys; disposable hairnets, gloves and aprons for employees who handle meat; and ingredients like spices and oils. We have about 50 employees right now, and in the next three years we will probably create 25 more jobs throughout our operation.''

Mayor Jim Smith said his city was eager to bring CMS to Avon. ''We gave them a 10-year tax abatement,'' said Smith. ''They are a great company and pay good wages.''

Smith said he was glad to see a variety of industries relocating in Avon. ''It's important for Avon to get into other things besides the automotive industry,'' said Smith. ''We have Henkel Adhesives, communication companies and now the food industry. It's good to have a diverse base so you don't get killed if the auto industry goes south. The food industry will always be there. It shields you from ups and downs in the economy.''

Smith said Avon's tax base has grown since he became mayor. ''We collected probably $500,000 in income taxes in 1994,'' Smith said. ''This year we'll collect over $7 million. Because of our commercial growth, we can buy 90 percent of what we need right here in the community.'' ''

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