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NEWS ARTICLE from The Press, 2-8-06, By Julie A. Short

``b.glam baby's trend-setting apparel is flying off shelves

AVON -- Fresh off their trip to a New York City trade show featuring giftware, the ladies of b.glam baby are excited to begin creating more cute baby, teen, adult and pet apparel.

According to company founder and Avon resident Megan Kuosman, what started as a fun way to pass the time while her newborn was napping, has turned into a trend-setting apparel line that is featured at several boutiques across the nation.

"I made some bibs and burp clothes for my baby," Kuosman said. "My friends asked "where did you get that cute bib? When I told them I made them, one of my good friends, Tiffany, who I taught with in Cleveland, suggested we go into business together. That was about two years ago and here we are today in my basement placing each applique on individually."

Kuosman and sisters Tricia McCarrick and Tiffany Tackett of Grafton, decorate T-shirts, onesies, burp clothes, blankets and other items with catchy phrases and colorful appliques.

"One of our most popular phrases for little kids' shirts is 'Chicks dig me,'" Kuosman said. "All three of us have come up with sayings. Sometimes they just come to you, or we'll see an applique design and then think of a cute saying to go with it."

The trio used the first initials of their children's names to come up with their business name - b.glam baby. The children also serve as models on the company's Web site in photos taken by Danielle DiBenedetto, who owns a gallery in North Olmsted.

Early on, the ladies sold their products through home shows and word-of-mouth. They found that their onesies and custom raglan shirts for infants, toddlers, teens and adults were selling well. Pairing unique appliques with catchy, tasteful phrases in raised felt lettering and Swarovski crystals-rather than the less-expensive silk-screening method used by competitors-proved to be a winner.

"We decided later to start calling on boutiques to see if anyone was interested in the items," Kuosman said. "It's been working out well for us and we have several shops signed on including Marcell in Crocker Park. Me and Tiffany do most of the iron transfers, and Trish takes care of the bookkeeping. When large orders come in, we all pitch in to make the shirts. We even have the help of several other stay-at-home moms who have been wonderful helping us process the orders." The line retails items from $13-$45.

Nationally, the line is taking off as well. b.glam baby's "Vegas Baby" onesie was recently featured in US Weekly magazine when it was purchased from Los Angeles' Kitson Boutique for Britney Spears' baby. Besides the "Vegas Vaby" onesie, a number of other b.glam baby toddler shirts such as "Chicks Dig Me" with a tractor applique, "I Scream, You Scream" with an ice cream cone and "Daddy's Cupcake" are some of Kitson's other featured items.

"While at the trade show in New York, we were approached by a representative from Real Simple magazine," Kuosman said. "Our products are going to be featured in the May issue. This is huge for us. We also doubled our boutique orders while we were in New York."

As for what the future holds for the ladies of b.glam baby, they are thankful for what they've been able to accomplish thus far and try not to think any further than their next order.

"Someday, we hope to actually be able to pay ourselves," McCarrick said.

For more information or to place an order visit www.bglambaby.com or call (877) 934-GLAM.''

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NEWS ARTICLE from The Plain Dealer, 2-1-06, by Roxanne Washington, Plain Dealer Reporter

``Avon-based baby-clothes business grows

What: Clothes and accessories for babies, juniors and adults, adorned with catchy phrases, colorful crystals, appliques and grosgrain ribbon. Sold in local boutiques, on the Web site, and through home parties.

Where: Based in Avon. Call: 1-877-934-4526.

Web site: www.bglambaby.com

Toddlers crawl all over the place, and they aren't the neatest eaters, dirtying their undies and clothes with whatever food or liquid happens to be going in their mouths or spilling back out. So who cares if their clothes are clever?

Moms, that's who. So do grandparents, other family, and friends.

That's what three local moms are discovering, much to their delight, and their jitters.

Megan Kuosman of Avon and sisters Tiffany Tackett and Tricia McCarrick of Grafton, are delighted because their Avon-based children's apparel company, B.glam Baby, seems to be just what the children's business ordered, given the trio's hustle to fill those orders. And these first-time businesswomen are jittery for the same reason - the hustle involved.

The company decorates T-shirts, onesies, toddler dresses, karate pants, caps, burp cloths, blankets and shirts for pets with themed phrases, colorful crystals, dainty grosgrain ribbons and adorable appliques.

There's the "Vegas Baby" T-shirt with red rhinestone dice, "Grandpa's Golfer" next to a golf bag applique, and the message "I did it all for the cookie" circling an applique of the Cookie Monster, to name a few. The items range from $12 at retail for bibs, burp cloths and caps to $70 for appliqued blankets.

The supertrendy Los Angeles fashion boutique and Web site www.shopkitson.com- famous for its "Team Aniston" and "Team Jolie" T-shirts - was an early fan of B.glam Baby and as of a few weeks ago still had a onesie on its home page.

Remembers Kuosman, "I had called Kitson and asked if I could have the name of their buyer. They said no. When we sent an e-mail with five photo attachments, the reply was 'Very Cute. Call on Monday.' But a few days later they e-mailed us a huge order before they had even seen the actual items. They had no idea it was three women working in a basement."

If celebrity approval is a sign of success, B.glam Baby has that, too. Last year, when Us magazine ran a story about Britney Spears' baby shower gifts, a photo of a B.glam Baby onesie given to Spears ran with the article.

Closer to home, B.glam Baby things are available at Oh How Cute children's boutique at Beachwood Place, and Marcell at Crocker Park in Westlake.

"I've been carrying the line for about nine months, and it is doing very well because it's not like children's things that you see everywhere," says Marcell owner Ali Marcell-Austin." All of the kids in my family wear them. They make great gift items."

The T-shirts have been such a hit, junior girls and adults can get them, too, with sayings like "Cousins rule" and "These boots are made for shopping" with a boot applique - something a lot of women can relate to.

B.glam baby came about a few years ago. Kuosman and Tackett were friends working as elementary-school teachers in the Cleveland Municipal School District. After they had their first children, Kuosman shared with Tackett an idea for custom burp cloths and onesies.

The two got things going with home parties, and the line took off from there. When Kuosman and Tackett found themselves consumed with doing the iron transfers and other labor, Tackett's sister, McCarrick, came on board to handle the paperwork.

"When I came, it was like, 'Where are the files? Where are the vendors? Where are the invoices?' " McCarrick remembers.

These days, Kuosman, who is on leave from teaching, calls on boutiques. Tackett does iron transfers and the like. McCarrick does the books. Recently, all three were headed to the New York International Gift Fair in hopes of selling to more boutiques around the country.

During the first three months of business, through home shows and individual orders, the business had sales of about $3,000. Now, B.glam gets single orders of $5,000 from companies such as Kitson. So the company has begun hiring stay-at-home moms who work when they have some free time.

But, says Kuosman, "When a big order comes in, we're all down there pressing." ''

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter: rwashington@plaind.com

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