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Avenbury Lakes is an "active adult community" -- where 80 percent of the households must have at least one family member who is 55 years of age or older. The remaining 20 percent of the households can be occupied by residents between the ages of 18 and 54. Children and grandchildren under 18 years old are welcome to visit and stay with Avenbury Lakes homeowners as long as they are not permanent residents.

A conservation community is a development that works in harmony with nature. At Avenbury Lakes, we've dedicated over 45 percent of the grounds to open space, which includes 20 acres of wetlands and 10 acres of lakes and ponds. The remaining acreage contains natural areas and woodlands.

The mission of a conservation community is to conserve the rural character, community identity, and natural resources of the area. This type of developing allows the area to sustain its own uniqueness in its environment and historic buildings (Avenbury Inn and Caretakers' House). The benefits of these rural areas not only include room for biking and walking trails, the Neighborhood Garden Patch, and the Avenbury Lodge (shown below), but this space adds value and marketability to each home.

At Avenbury Lakes, we've gone to extensive lengths to make sure that the open space available today will always remain open space. Scaletta Development Corporation has created a homeowners association responsible for managing and maintaining this space. However we also will dedicate a conservation easement to a land trust to further insure that the open space in Avenbury Lakes will never be developed.

Avenbury Lodge

3-29-00 Avenbury wins awards

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