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Posted by rms on 8/16/1999, 12:47 pm

I hear that Avon is talking about banning hunting. Why? I do not agree with this. Hunting keeps the herds smaller and smaller herds do not spread as much disease.

Re: hunting

Posted by Evelyn on 8/20/1999, 1:12 pm , in reply to "hunting".

I assume when RMS says "herds" the animals in question are deer. It is true that deer are carriers of the ticks that spread Lyme Disease. Deer ticks are much smaller than the common dog tick and can barely be seen.

It is common now to see deer in your yard. I don't like the idea of deer depositing ticks so close to where I live. Little known fact- only about half the people who contract Lyme disease ever get a bulls-eye rash. The first symptoms include muscle twitches, blurred vision, heart trouble and a dizzy or drunk feeling.

Re: Re: hunting

Posted by Jack on 9/8/1999, 12:51 pm , in reply to "Re: hunting".

We like to forget about the raging infectious diseases of the 19th and early 20th centuries, especially the flu epidemic of 1918. For every new species we see with the naked eye from elsewhere, such as the zebra mussel, the coyote, and the gobi, there are likely to be 10,000 new micro-organisms arriving.

Coyotes are new in Avon, and I don't see any more red or gray fox. Pity the woodchucks and stray cats; maybe deer can defend themselves from coyotes. We don't leave Nuby, our succulent beagle, out in his pen when we go away.

It looks like the bugs are getting the upper hand again, probably because diagnoses of "psychosomatic disease" (it's all in your head) and "autoimmune disease" (it's still all your fault; and we can't do anything about it) are usually cheaper than a diagnosis of "infectious disease." Are we supposed to accept the slogan "Tons of antibiotics for the cows but not one gram for the people"?

One of the more famous deaths from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever was that of Judge Battisti, author of the Cleveland school desegregation decision. I have never seen so many ticks in Avon, both dog ticks and deer ticks, as this year. It's almost a sure bet that Lyme Disease is here.

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