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Avon Commons will utilize green space to create amenities such as the five-acre festival market walkway that could house art festivals, antique festivals, and farmers markets on various weekends throughout the summer and such as the two-acre gazebo area that could provide for Sunday afternoon concerts. Because of the 30 percent green space requirement, as well as the integrated nature of Avon Commons, the building area is limited to the low 600,000 square foot range.

We believe that First Interstate Development Company, through a cooperative process with much input from the Avon Planning Commission, is proposing a development of the highest quality and that the project is supported by the residents of Avon. We believe the result of this input is that First Interstate's proposal incorporates award-winning design for greenspace areas, landscaping, community amenities, and overall site layout.

We at First Interstate are proud of the work that we have accomplished to date in the community of Avon. The design for the Avon Commons project is the finest shopping center design that First Interstate has achieved in its nearly ten-year history. We look forward to working with the community as this process unfolds, toward the ground breaking, construction, and grand opening of Avon Commons.

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