Aerial views of Avon Commons construction, 10-20-00

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Construction Notes by Richard L. Carlisle
Development Manager, First Interstate Development Company

October 20, 2000

I am writing in order to update you on the progress of construction at the Avon Commons Shopping Center.

Since our last update in mid-September, we have had excellent weather conditions for the completion of the site work and have made substantial progress on all site work and shell construction of all buildings in progress.

The following is the status of construction progress on site:

All of the off-site road work has been completed, with the exception of the traffic signalization. The traffic signalization is currently ongoing, and all of the intersections will be complete by year end.

The construction of Middleton Road has been completed and those improvements will be accepted by the City on November 13 [2000]

All of the on-site utilities have been completed, tested and accepted.

Landscaping along Detroit Road and along Avon Commons Drive is 70% complete and we anticipate completing 95% of the landscaping yet this year.

We continue to feel confident that we will meet all of the commitments made to the City and to our individual tenants pursuant to the requirements of their leases.

Very truly yours,

Richard L. Carlisle Development Manager

October 20, 2000
SR-83 on the West Side

The Target Store in the lower right corner

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