Aerial views of Avon Commons construction, 5-15-00

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Construction Notes by Richard L. Carlisle
Development Manager, First Interstate Development Company

May 15, 2000

I am writing in order to update you on the progress of construction at the Avon Commons Shopping Center. Since our last update, we have continued to have less than ideal weather conditions, but have made progress nonetheless. Over the last month, the following work has been completed:

All of the sanitary trunk sewer line and sanitary laterals have been completed, with the exception of some 40 in the northwest corner of the property which is awaiting the relocation of a gas line near I-90 before it can be completed. The balance of the line has been tested, inspected and approved by the City of Avon.

All of the storm sewer has been completed with the exception of the storm sewer behind the northern phase, which is also awaiting the relocation of the gas line.

We have met with and are coordinating the relocation of the gas line along I-90, which should be commence on or about June 1.

The water main along Avon Commons Drive and down Middleton Drive, as well as the portion around the Target building has been completed, inspected, tested and activated.

The Middleton roadway subgrade and utilities are complete and we anticipate commencement of the concrete paving within the next 10-14 days.

Excavating is due to commence this week on the primary electric service for the shopping center.

The pad for Target was completed and turned over to Target and Target has commenced construction of their foundations.

Excavation is continuing in the northern phase with the undercut of the building areas and the creation of an engineered fill.

We have awarded a contract for all off-site improvements to SE Johnson Company, a local contractor with a great deal of roadway experience. SE Johnson is scheduled to commence their work this month and all of their work should be completed in November of 2000.

Progress on the work continues to be excellent and meets our projected schedule.

May 15, 2000
I-90 on the North Side

Detroit Road on the South Side

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