Aerial views of Avon Commons construction, 6-19-00

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Construction Notes by Richard L. Carlisle
Development Manager, First Interstate Development Company

June 19, 2000

Since our last update in mid-May, we have had poor weather conditions for the completion of the engineered fills required for the site improvements. Since May 15, the site has experienced ten (10) substantial rainfalls with six (6) of those rainfalls being over an 1'' and four (4) of those events were over 1-1/2''; three (3) of which qualified as 5-year storms.

The total precipitation in May, 2000, was 6.59'', which was 188% of the Cleveland weather service average of 3.49'' for the month of May. As of June 18, of this year, the site has experienced 7.6'' of rain in the month of June, which his 322% of the Cleveland weather service average of 2.36'' for the entire month of June. These facts notwithstanding, we have made some progress and continue to make progress as best we can.

Over the last month, the following work has been completed:

As the result of the inclement weather, the project schedule has slipped by several weeks, although it is our expectation with the oncoming month of July, that the rain will eventually stop and that we should be able to get back on schedule.

June 19, 2000
I-90 on the North Side

Detroit Road on the South Side

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