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  • 7-4-09: YES! 2009 Fireworks in Avon

  • 11-28-08: Black Friday 2008

  • 7-4-08: No 2008 Fireworks in Avon

  • 11-23-07: Black Friday 2007

  • 7-4-07: No 2007 Fireworks in Avon

    7-3-06: Fireworks at Avon Commons on Monday, July 3, 2006.


    7-2-03: Heinen's is expected to open July 23, 2003.

    3-18-03: Heinen's slated to open in July.

    1-19-03: Lorain County Beautiful Awards

    1-8-03: Damon's and Red Robin are coming to Avon Commons

    12-13-02: Heinen's to host Ben and Jerry's icecream shop

    12-4-02: Costco opens in Avon Commons

    11-7-02: PLAYmatters is open at Avon Commons

    10-16-02: Heinen's plans May 15, 2003, opening

    5-8-02: International House of Pancakes coming to Avon Commons

    12-1-01: Avon Commons has the right mix

    7-21-01: Avon Fine Art Festival

    6-24-01: Bob Barnhart Honored at Avon Commons Grand Opening

    10-21-00: Avon Commons mix of stores still growing. Views of Avon Commons from Detroit Rd.

    9-17-00: Avon Commons rises

    9-11-00: Chronoloy of Avon Commons Approvals

    NEWS ARTICLE from The PRESS, 6-30-99, By JoAnne Easterday

    "A resounding YES vote on Avon Commons

    After three weeks of waiting for the June 1 election outcome, the Ohio Supreme Court released the results of the referendum. The official count is 2,068 voted in favor of the zoning change to allow for Avon Commons. The no vote came in at 1,358. The totals represent almost 50 percent of the registered voters in the city ..."

    NEWS ARTICLE from THE MORNING JOURNAL, 6-23-99, By SARAH FENSKE, Morning Journal Writer

    "Avon Commons developer to present plans

    AVON -- A confident Mitchell Schneider has scheduled a special meeting July 14 ...

    At the meeting, Schneider will formally present the same plans he showed Planning Commission in April, he said.

    'Comments came from the Commission was that it was even better than the plan they had approved previously,' Schneider said. 'I would certainly think that the review process will proceed fairly quickly this time.' ..."

    An aerial view of the site of Avon Commons in 1974

    Aerial views of Avon Commons construction


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