Aerial views of Avon Commons construction, 8-10-00

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Construction Notes by Richard L. Carlisle
Development Manager, First Interstate Development Company

August 10, 2000

I am writing in order to update you on the progress of construction at the Avon Commons Shopping Center. Since our last update in late June, we have continued to have poor weather conditions for the completion of the engineered fills on the site. These delays notwithstanding, we have continued to make substantial progress throughout the site. Over the last six weeks, the following work has been completed:

All of the water line work on site, as well as the storm sewer system, has been completed.

Half of the gas service and half of the electrical underground primary has been completed.

We have completed the construction of the building pads for all of the buildings with the exception of the Heinen's building pad, which is being prepared currently.

Curbing and stone base has been completed in and around the Target building and throughout the major parking lot to the south of Kohl's, Michael's, Marshall's, Old Navy and Linens `n Things. Asphalt paving of these areas will commence later this month.

Construction continues to proceed on the Target building as can be seen in the attached aerial photograph, as well as the construction of Michael's, Marshall's, Old Navy, Kohl's and our ``convenience strip'' near the entrance at Detroit Road.

S.E. Johnson Company continues to make progress on the road widening project throughout the area and continues to be on pace to complete their work later this fall.

The unusually wet summer has substantially slowed the progress of much of our work on and off site, however, we continue to feel confident that we will meet all of the commitments to the City and to our individuals tenants pursuant to the requirements of their leases.

Very truly yours, Richard L. Carlisle, Development Manager

August 10, 2000
Detroit Road on the South Side

I-90 on the North Side


Target, Michaels and Kohl's

Target ------------ Michaels ------------ Kohl's
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