Traffic Flow Improvements With Avon Commons

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Traffic Flow BEFORE and AFTER Avon Commons

Average Waiting Tine At Intersections
Grade Average Delay (Seconds)
A Less than 5
B 5 - 15
C 15 - 25
D 25 - 40
E 40 - 60
F Over 1 minute
The map shows the before and after traffic ratings for each of six intersections. Each intersection is currently rated "F", the worst possible rating.

The ratings after the construction of the Avon Commons road improvements are all improved to a "B" with the exception of one intersection which is rated "C".

First Interstate Development conducted a detailed traffic
Some AVON COMMONS Traffic Improvements
SR-83 - Chester East signal, S right turn lane,
E (bound) left turn lane
SR-83 - Chester West signal, W left turn lane,
shared left-thru lane
SR-83 - I-90 West signal
SR-83 - I-90 East signal
SR-83 - Detroit second thru lane on all
approaches, second S left
turn lane, W right turn lane
Detroit - Jaycox signal, left turn lanes on
all approaches
impact study which was submitted to the City of Avon and to the Ohio Department of Transportation. The City of Avon retained an independent traffic consultant to review this traffic report. Avon's own consultant confirmed that the work done by First Interstate for Avon Commons would improve the flow of traffic in the area surrounding Avon Commons. In addition, the Ohio Department of Transportation, in its letter dated February 3, 1998, said: "We would like to take this opportunity to compliment your consultant, Traff-Pro, on a well - conceived, complete and thorough analysis."

Contrary to scare - tactic campaign ads, there are no plans to make the entire length of Detroit Road into seven lanes. The extra lanes are turning lanes at SR - 83 and the entrance to Avon Commons.

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