The "traffic nightmare" lie

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR of THE MORNING JOURNAL, 5-17-99, By Eric Schatschneider

Once again, opponents of Avon Commons will try to pound in the "traffic nightmare" lie as they so effectively did in the fall of 1998. We can expect a barrage of mailers, letters, ads, and phone calls trying to get us to swallow this deception.

One tactic is to set up a straw man, such as senior citizens backpacking to Avon Commons, and then knocking it down. The fact is that the residents of the 347 homes of Avenbury could drive into Avon Commons without driving on Detroit Road. Stratford residents will be able to cross Detroit Road into Avon Commons.

If Avon Commons is defeated, Avenbury residents will only be able to reach the Avon Business Park and the Park Square Shopping Center, or Sheffield and Elyria, by getting on Detroit Road at Shakespeare and driving west. Residents of Stratford will also have to use Detroit Road.

Avon Commons will have a 5-acre festival marketplace with recreational pathways for walking and other outdoor activities. The patios of restaurants will open on the festival walkway. Residents of Avenbury, Stratford, and other nearby neighborhoods may wish to walk to restaurants or the movies, but they could drive into Avon Commons for shopping and actually reduce existing traffic on Detroit Road.

There would be only one access to Avon Commons off Detroit Road near SR-83. There would be a computer - coordinated traffic signal with turning lanes. Avon Business Park and the Park Square Shopping Center would each have their own entrances on Detroit with no turning lanes or traffic signals, a situation similar to Detroit Road between Garden and Colorado.

Avon Business Park would add to the traffic stream at rush hours, as office workers come and go. Avon Commons traffic would be at a low level during rush hours.

Turning lanes and computer - coordinated traffic signals would improve traffic flow over existing conditions in the I-90, SR-83, Chester Road, Jaycox Road, and Detroit Road quadrant. There would be a new computer - coordinated traffic signal at Detroit and Jaycox with left turn lanes on all approaches. Tax dollars from Avon Commons could be used for traffic improvements in other parts of Avon.

Don't be deceived by "traffic nightmare" propaganda. Please vote YES for Avon Commons C3 on June 1.

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