Improve Traffic Flow in Avon

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR of The PRESS, 4-21-99, By Charles F. Smith

"The traffic congestion in Avon has become a problem in recent years because of the many new homes. Avon has had 600 new homes built during the past two years and another 565 homes are currently approved for construction over the next two years.

Each new home averages two vehicles which means we must accommodate these additional 2400 vehicles as people need to get to and from work, transport children, and shop.

Your YES vote on Avon Commons will help [reduce] this traffic congestion because the developer is obligated to pay $1.8 million for lane additions and computer - linked traffic lights in the area of I-90, Rt. 83, and Rt. 254.

The Avon City General Fund will have an additional $350,000 available each year from Avon Commons to help maintain and improve roads throughout the City.

Won't you join me in voting yes for Avon Commons on June 1 and help improve the movement of traffic in Avon?"

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