Remarks by Planning Commission Member Paul Burik during the Presentation by David Hartt, City of Avon, Ohio, Planning Consultant, to the Avon Planning Commission on June 29, 1998

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"I think this central location that has been designated many, many years ago is the right location. It's the spot that will be conducive to re-enforcing the core area.

I think some of the other locations that have been brought forth formally or informally would be more divisive. I think anything away from the core area in the center would cause a split in the City and end up decentralizing rather than centralizing.

Our charge is based on the recent master plan to maintain a village-like atmosphere. We need to create a centrally located town with a core area,

... I think looking at it [Avon Commons] at large in the community in three or four years, when it all settles, it would be very accepted; and in another five years people will wonder how we lived without it. ..."

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