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Issue 14: Questions and Answers

Why the right location?

This parcel of land, located on Detroit Road just east of Rt. 83, is already zoned ``commercial retail'' and it's had that zoning for over 25 years. Even Avon's own Comprehensive Plan says this is where Avon's retail should be.

So why should we change the zoning?

The requested zoning from C-2 to C-3 doesn't change anything other than the size of the buildings that will be permitted to be built on the site.

In fact, the change to C-3 zoning will place tougher requirements for planning and landscaping than does C-2.

Whether this zoning issue wins or loses, the total size of the development will be the same and the land will continue to be zoned ``commercial retail''.

Even the city's independent planning consultant, David Hartt, said this zoning change, ``would best carry out (Avon's) Comprehensize Plan.'' The Avon Planning Commission, too said ``The City would be better served if the zoning was changed from C-2 to C-3.''

Why the best choice?

Issue 14 offers you a chance to control, shape and restrict Avon's commercial growth.

C3 zoning will allow for a shopping center with nationally recognizxed stores that are economically viable. C-2 zoning would result in a hodgepodge of smaller stores.

C-3 zoning will allow for a development that is barely visible from the main road. C-2 zoning would result in stores along Avon's main roads, forever changing the look of Avon.

Rezoning this property from C-2 to C-3 will make it tough - if not impossible - for Avon to get stuck with hundreds of acres of unrestricted commercial growth elsewhere in the community.

The Choice is Yours.

Traffic flow will improve at Route 83, I-90, Detroit Road, and Jaycox Road. $1.8 million is devoted to these upgrades, including sidewalks and traffic lights.

Avon Commons will bring over $600,000 in additional annual tax revenue to the City and over $1.1 million annually to the schools of Avon. There will be an additional $310,00 for the County, $65,000 for the JVS, and a $27,000 health tax revenue.

If you approve Issue 14, Avon will get: