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"... I believe that the additional information put out by the pro-Avon Commons people ... will give this issue the success it deserves. Knowledge is ultimately king.

A vote for Avon Commons is a vote for saving Avon taxpayers money out of their pockets ... Avon residents only need to look around them and see all the new homes being built. Where are these kids going to school? Will Avon schools be big enough? Who's going to pay for this?

Avon Commons, if passed, will generate nearly $1.2 million dollars a year for Avon Schools. That is $1.2 million dollars the Avon Board of Education won't be asking residents for.

Avon Commons will also generate ... just over $600,000 per year ... to help run your city. Roads, equipment, salt, upkeep, just to name a few, will be funded by this project ...

Commercial development is coming to Avon -- it's going to happen -- it won't be stopped. If you're going to have it, then why not have it right.

I urge Avon voters to find out as much as you can about this important issue. A vote for the Avon Commons is a vote for a solid future for a growing community."

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