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LETTER TO THE EDITOR of THE CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM, 5-21-99, By David and Dianne Fischer

"After we vote yes on June 1 on Avon Commons C-3, let us not forget that Mitchell Schneider still has a lot of hoops to jump through for the Planning Commission.

We have heard some residents worry that Mr. Schneider will be able to do whatever he wants after June 1. This is definitely not the case.

In fact, he has gone on record several times with his plans; and, frankly, Avon will soon be the home of one of the most beautiful open - air malls in Northeast Ohio. He still has to get approvals for everything he is going to build.

Our vote will not stop development at State Route 83 and Detroit Road. In fact, a 'yes' vote on June 1 assures us that we get more 'green space' in the development. A C-3 designation requires 30 percent green space rather than 20 percent green space with C-2.

We fully support the project, and any Avon resident who knows the facts would too. A 'yes' vote will get us traffic signals that work, an outdoor gazebo and amphitheater, superior stores and recreational pathways. A 'no' vote does not get us anything.

Avon residents seem to want the best for their community. Let's not stop now. Join us in voting 'YES' on Avon Commons C-3 on June 1."

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