Letter to the Editor, 4-15-99, by Anthony Discenza

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR of The SUN, 4-15-99, By Anthony Discenza, member of the 1998 Avon Charter Review Commission

"As an Avon resident who often sits endlessly at Route 83, Interstate 90 and Detroit Road in congested traffic and no solution in sight other than the initiative demonstrated by the developer of the proposed Avon Commons, I clearly see several advantages in a YES vote on June 1.

A yes vote for Avon Commons will invest $2 million in traffic improvements which address our EXISTING traffic problems.

The plan for a state-of-the-art, computer synchronized traffic signal system, which is long overdue, is only one reason to vote yes.

Our Planning Commission did an exceptional job by reaching a consensus with the Avon Commons developer for a solution to congestion and insisting upon a strategic plan for this development which blends nicely into our town as an attractive retail option for us.

Avon Commons is a winner as both a retail convenience with amenities and a thoughtful plan to address an already serious traffic problem.

Please join me in voting yes on June 1. It truly is what Avon needs now."

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