Letter to the Editor, 4-14-99, by Bob Barnhart

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR of The PRESS, 4-14-99, By Bob Barnhart

"Your yes vote on June 1, 1999, insures that Avon dollars will remain in Avon to benefit your Avon Schools and Avon community. This means you and I, as property owners, will be faced with fewer tax increases.

A good example of keeping Avon dollars in our community is the Avenbury Lakes Retirement Development currently under construction just east of the Avon Commons site. Avenbury Lakes will have 349 residences which require that at least one resident in each unit be a retiree.

Your yes vote vote for Avon Commons C-3 insures that the retirees living next door will be able to walk to do some of their shopping and, therefore, will not have to drive their cars out of Avon which will REDUCE traffic.

All Avon residents will have the convenience of local shopping, and we can keep our Avon dollars in our own community rather than spending our money in Westlake, Sheffield or Elyria.

Let's look out for Avon's best interest by voting YES on June 1 for Avon Commons C-3."

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