Rezoning Affects Schools: LETTER TO THE EDITOR of THE PRESS, 2-17-99, by Bob Barnhart

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First and foremost I want to state that I consider Bob Ryant to be a friend. I have had the privilege of knowing Mr. Ryant and family for 25 years. I respect his opinion and integrity, but we disagree with each others' judgement concerning what should be built on the 85 acres in the area of Routes 83 and 254.

If our Avon citizens were to approve Mr. Ryant's proposal to rezone the acreage to residential, we could see an additional 130 new Avon homes. Let us assume the market value of each home to be $200,000, which is reasonable in 1999 - 2000; plus we assume 1.5 children coming from each home: a total of 195 children.

Our Avon Schools would be financially impacted as follows:

A $200,000 house would pay $3,135.91 in property taxes per year. About 80% of the taxes would go to our Avon Schools, for a total of $2,508.73. The total annual taxes from the 130 new homes to our Avon Schools would be $326,134.90.

The cost to your Avon Schools to educate the 195 children would be 195 x $4,690 (the cost actually expended to educate each child in our school year), total cost = $915,550.

Therefore, your Avon Schools would experience a deficit of $588,415.

I believe this example magnifies the necessity for our Avon community to have tax payers, other than homes, to help pay our school costs.

In contrast, if we approve Avon Commons, C-3, your Avon Schools will receive approximately $1,180,000 additional each year without adding any costs to our school system.

If you are looking for information concerning the proposed Avon Commons, C-3, Shopping Center issue, Please call Bob Barnhart, 937-6477. ...

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